The Yobe school killings in Nigeria left 29 Christian children and 13 teachers dead on Saturday as members of the Islamic group, Boko Haram, continue to wage jihad. Just one month ago, they attacked two schools killing 16 children and two teachers. Barack Hussein Obama, fresh from his $100 Million dollar vacation in Africa, has not said one word on the subject. The Nigerian government has ordered all schools to be closed until September as they crackdown on the Muslim terror group. Boko Haram translates to, ″Western education is a sin.″ Nigeria has recently been making some ground in arresting key members of the group, as well as killing 22 during a raid. Since 2009, Boko Haram has been responsible for some 3,600 Christian deaths.

yobe school killings

Not only has Obama been silent on the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, but his administration had also turned a blind eye to the murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. Aside from that, the Obama administration appears committed to a policy of of attacking Christians here in America as well. His speech in Ireland all but demanded that Catholic schools be closed. Then there was the matter of forcing Christian institutions to provide health insurance which included abortions.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration bends over backwards for Islam. While Eric Holder forces the FBI not to recruit informants in Muslim mosques, he does allow them to do so in Christian churches and Jewish synagogs. The IRS not only delayed tax exempt status for Conservative political groups, but also for Christian and Jewish organizations, too. The next thing we′ll probably see is the EPA cracking down on the use of incense during masses.

So why is Barack Hussein Obama silent about the Yobe school killings in Nigeria? Does he support the work of the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram just as he appears to be supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as they kill Coptic Christians in Egypt? Is this just the beginning of a reign of blood? Is there a connection between Obama′s War against Christians and why over one million Americans disappeared in 2012? Have we become a ′land of the vanished′ like banana republics under Socialist dictators?