When the Junes jobs report for 2013 came out Friday, Wall Street reacted favorably with markets up above 15000. Only 195,000 jobs were allegedly created in June, but most were part-time jobs in service and hospitality industries. Still, Wall Street liked the results since the numbers stunk enough to ensure that Ben Bernanke would keep the Federal Reserve pouring more cash into the system. The unemployment rate stayed the same at 7.6%. If the same percentage of Labor Participation Rate from January, 2009 were in place, the unemployment rate would still be over 10.5%. One of the interesting facts was that only 47% of the nation′s work force had full-time jobs. Another sign of the ′New Normal′ of Barack Hussein Obama.

june jobs report 2013

A recent survey showed that most small businesses are still reacting negatively to the upcoming Affordable Care Act. Most are either freezing any new hiring or reducing staff to avoid requirements in ObamaCare. Only about 19% plan to add employees. That is awful! Small business is the driving engine of our economy. In the past two decades, the majority of jobs, about 70%, created were done so by small businesses. In the last recession which started in 1999 and ran through 2002, small businesses accounted for nearly 90% of all new jobs created.

The combination of ObamaCare and increased federal regulations by the Barack Hussein Obama administration account for the poor numbers of the June jobs report for 2013. Sure, Wall Street liked the numbers since they were bad enough to keep the Federal Reserve busy pumping more cash into the markets. But for those of us who live in the real world, the news is still bad. If anything, the economy is getting worse as the uncertainty factor continues to drive down the number of full-time employment.