The Barack Hussein Obama administration calls for the Muslim Brotherhood to be included in any future solution as the latest news from Egypt reports of deadly violence. Pro-Morsi supporters clashed with police and the Egyptian Army in Cairo and other cities, resulting in many wounded and some 36 deaths. The protests were organized by the Muslim Brotherhood as part of its ′Friday Day of Rejection′ over the ouster of President Mohamed Mursi. You just know things are strange when the media starts respelling the players′ names as they did with Gaddafi. With the growing chaos, a new group has been formed calling itself Ansar al-Sharia of Egypt. They plan on arming and training terrorists to confront the government. Many now fear that the country will be plunged into civil war.

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Aside from the attempts made by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to institute Sharia Law into Egypt′s constitution, the former government′s biggest problem was, of course, economic. This is the lesson of history which the Muslim Brotherhood failed to grasp. Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party were able to entrench themselves in Germany because they actually did put the German economy back on track, creating jobs and improving overall economic conditions. Just ending the awful inflationary cycle was enough to win Hitler much popular support. So the lesson in history is that people will accept Fascism so long as it is good for their economy. Something Obama might want to think about.

Egypt has been an economic basket case for many years. Under Morsi, the price of food and other essential consumer goods continued to rise at about 8% annually. This is very important, as Egypt is one of the worst nations as far as feeding itself goes. They must import a great deal of food and require plenty of cash or credit to do so. The Egyptian government spends much of its budget on supplementing the importation of food. As we saw two years ago during the ′Arab Spring′, it pretty much all started due to higher costs for corn and other grains. Tunisia went first, then Egypt, then other nations started to sink into unrest due to the high costs of food and fuel, made worse by the lack of jobs.

Egypt′s national debt already equals its annual GDP and will only get worse until the economy is fixed. Any new government must make that their highest priority. But Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood did not. So the latest news from Egypt is that protests continue and have gotten deadly as Pro-Mursi supporters took to the streets during the ′Friday of Rejection.′ While the Barack Hussein Obama administration twiddles its thumbs over keeping the Muslim Brotherhood a player in any future Egyptian government, at least 36 people have been killed and many others wounded during violent protests.