TMZ reports that a second contestant of the CBS reality TV series ′Big Brother′, GinaMarie Zimmerman, was fired by her employer over racists remarks. The 32-year old pageant coordinator was canned by East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. after GinaMarie described welfare as ″n*****r insurance″. Her comments were heard by those watching the 24/7 live streaming video feeds. This comes after another contestant, Aaryn Gries, a model, was fired by her employer, the Zephyr Talent. Gries had made disparaging remarks about homosexuals, Asians and Blacks while participating in the 15th season of ′Big Brother′. During one incident, she argued with another house guest of Asian-American descent to, ″shut up and go make some rice.″ Both women will not learn that they have been fired from their jobs until they are voted out of the house.

ginamarie zimmerman fired
Aaryn Gries, on the left, and GinaMarie Zimmerman, on the right, have both been fired by their employers due to racist slurs made as contestants on the CBS reality TV series, ′Big Brother′. Image Source:

Naturally, CBS and the ′Big Brother′ producers have issued statements that they are ″offended″ by the remarks made by the house guests. A third contestant, Spencer Clawson, may also soon find himself in some hot water after calling the gay house guest, ″Kermit the F**″ and his praising of Adolph Hitler as a ″gifted speaker.″ They sure can pick contestants at CBS casting!

So why am I writing today about a crazy, reality TV show loaded with stupid, potty-mouthed players? A cheap trick just so I can post some pictures of hot women in sexy outfits? Or to demonstrate another sign of the decline of Western Civilization due to this passing off as entertainment in the 21st Century? Is there a connection between this and what we have seen and heard from other, ′big name′ celebrities, like Paula Deen and Alec Baldwin concerning racist and homophobic remarks?

Of course, I am writing about this for its political angle. With recent revelations from Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower still hiding in a Moscow airport, we see the results of 24/7 surveillance and the implications of social media. Many of those who claim that Snowden is a traitor and has committed treason defend the NSA gathering ′metadata′ on every American to prevent terrorism. That if you are not guilty you should have nothing to hide. In many cases, the NSA or FBI does not even have to do much investigating since people post so much nonsense themselves on Facebook or Twitter. Too bad neither were watching the social media postings of the Tsarnaev brothers for if any law enforcement agency had been paying attention to their You-Tube and other social media accounts, the Boston Marathon bombings might have been prevented.

We live in a non-police-police-state. Forget about the NSA snooping on us, there are cameras and microphones everywhere these days. Whether it is your employers, your bank, your neighbors, or even stores you shop at, the odds are that somebody is watching you. Two ′fun′ shows to watch on The Food Network are ″Mystery Diners″ and ″Restaurant Stakeout.″ Both shows are about owners who seek help from experts who set up surveillance cameras and microphones to find out what the restaurant staff is up to when the owner is not around. Some of the behavior witnessed is plain crazy, some even criminal.

So CBS ′Big Brother′ contestants Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman are fired from their ′day jobs′ after making racist and homophobic slurs. The reality TV series is all about watching a group of strangers interacting with each while being watched 24/7. Both women do not know that they are unemployed as all communication with the outside world is cut off when they enter the Big Brother house. I would say that they are in for a rude surprise very soon.

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