This one takes the cake! The EUTimes reports the Barack Hussein Obama administration has signed an agreement on June 26 for 15,000 Russian troops to assist FEMA in ″disaster relief″ and ″crowd control.″ The foreign soldiers are to occupy FEMA Region III, which encompasses Washington, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Janet Napolitano made the request on behalf of Obama, since he never calls any world leaders, to Russian Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov. While the plan between the U.S. and Russia is based on handling a potential ′cosmic event′, such as an asteroid strike, it also establishes joint operations for other ′upcoming disasters′ and for large public events. So what exactly is Obama up to?

Russian troops America

We learned a while ago that the Department of Homeland Security has been buying tons of ammunition, as well as some 2,500 armored vehicles designed for urban warfare. Obama is also giving the green light to shutdown numerous military bases inside the U.S. and disband 8 of the current 45 combat brigades. A reduction of about 80,000 American troops.

Given what we are witnessing in Egypt, where 17 million citizens have taken to the streets to demand Mohammed Morsi to step down as president, and the fact that the Egyptian military is backing the people, not the government, is Obama worried about his own job? Is he concerned that Americans may finally wise up and demand his resignation over the growing list of political scandals, ranging from the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS targeting political opposition and NSA snooping on all U.S. citizens? We are only 9/16ths of the way through Obama′s terms in office and the wheels are already falling off of his single major achievement, nationalizing health care.

Just yesterday, the Treasury Department announced that they will delay for another year the requirement for all businesses with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance. This comes just one day after a new study reports that health insurance premiums may triple for those who are either young or healthy. The same day that one of the largest health insurance companies, UnitedHealth Group will end individual coverage in the State of California.

Fears of another economic shockwave loom as Americans become more fed up with ObamaCare, and the potential mass defaults of some $1.2 Trillion dollars of student loans as interest rates soar. Even Uncle Ben Bernanke might not be able to save the day this time around as the Federal Reserve is still pumping tons of cash into an already anemic economy with few results. Our sovereign debt bubble is close to bursting, putting our nation′s sovereignty in jeopardy.

So is this the real reason why Barack Obama wants 15,000 Russian troops to protect him? Is the ′upcoming disaster′ that FEMA is concerned about a general uprising of the citizens rather than some asteroid strike? Does this coincide with Janet Napolitano having the Department of Homeland Security buying billions of round of ammunition along with 2,500 armored vehicles? How much more will the American people tolerate from their man-child leader?