This past Sunday on the Fox News Channel, Sarah Palin was asked if she would leave the GOP and form the Freedom Party with radio talk host, The Great One, Mark Levin. Palin responded to anchor Uma Pemmaraju′s specific question, saying that she loved the name, the Freedom Party and warned that if the Republican Party continued to stray away from Conservative principles, that she would consider a third party. Last night, Mark Levin shed some light on the topic. First, he is not forming the Freedom Party, or any other independent political party. He has been working on a plan, which he will begin discussing next Wednesday, July 10, when he announces the title and subject of his next book which is due out on August 13. However, he did warn the GOP to not take Conservatives for granted and had some advice for Speaker John Boehner…

mark levin sarah palin

Levin said that Boehner should stand in The Well on the House floor and give a speech, announcing that he and the House Republicans will shut the government down for at least one week in order to send the Senate and the White House a clear message that the ObamaCare program must be scrapped, or at least changed. That Boehner should make it clear that the House Republicans are doing this on behalf of the some 60-70% of American citizens who in poll after poll demand that the Affordable Care Act either be tossed out or seriously modified. Especially now after another study reported in the Wall Street Journal claims that insurance premiums will TRIPLE for young, ′healthy′ customers. Plus the fact that very few states have set up their insurance exchanges, even though the program takes full effect in just four short months.

So, there is no Freedom Party. At least not yet. Is Mark Levin just creating a stir to sell books, or does he have some truly innovative plan for rescuing America from Barack Hussein Obama? Did Dr. Michael Savage catch wind of Levin′s plan and jumped the gun calling for a nationwide, general strike to steal Levin′s thunder? I doubt that because Levin does not strike me as a strike sort of guy.

I am not going to speculate on what The Great One, Mark Levin, is planning. I do not fault Sarah Palin since she was asked a specific question with the Freedom Party specifically named by FNC anchor Uma Pemmaraju. Both Levin and Palin are on point as far as airing their displeasure with the way the GOP hierarchy is treating the Conservative base of the Republican Party. I doubt if it will do any good since the GOP Establishment is on the wrong side of many issues these days. So stay tuned in, folks, as the real story begins to unfold next week.