The U.S. Senate passes its comprehensive immigration reform bill for 2013 yesterday with a vote of 68 to 32, including 14 RINOs. Among them was the new darling of George Soros, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), as well as the usual gaggle of fowl, like John ′The Ole Faker′ McCain and Lindsay Graham-Cracker. The 1,200-plus bill is packed with more pork than a menu from Corky′s Ribs & BBQ. While it claims to provide for more border security, it leaves the determination for such in the hands of the Executive Branch, meaning Obama and Janet Napolitano. Both of whom say that our borders are already secure enough. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) put down his cocktails long enough to declare that the Senate bill is D.O.A. and that the House will draft its own version of an immigration reform bill, presumably with more benchmarks for determining border security, as well as a Congressional vote to verify such before any other provisions take effect.

senate immigration bill passes

The Senate bill is a joke, plain and simple. It is not a ′pathway to citizenship; but a pathway to amnesty. There is nothing in it about dealing with the matter of anchor babies. In fact, it expands in the future the ability for relatives to gain admission into the United States. There is nothing about assimilation, particularly with language and culture, further dragging America down the road of Balkanism.

Boehner says that the House of Representatives will carry out the will of The People. We shall see! I am hopeful but skeptical. But anything is better than the circus that we have watched unfold in the Senate. From the ′Gang of 8′ to Joe Biden presiding over yesterday′s vote as crowds of illegal immigrants cheered from the balcony. It was like watching Agatha Christie′s ′Murder Most Foul′, with the corpse being that of America.

America is a land of immigrants. Even the ′Native Americans′ migrated here. We do need a steady flow of immigrants, there is no arguing that. But the new Senate comprehensive immigration reform bill for 2013 is little more than another Liberal feel-good program which does nothing to secure our borders. The bill also gives more power to the Executive Branch, moving us closer towards fascism. Let us hope that John Boehner is good on his word that the Senate bill will be chucked away in the House of Representatives. If not, then get ready as 30 to 50 million new illegal immigrants prepare to storm across our borders to loot and pillage.