Barack Hussein Obama gave a climate change speech at Georgetown University on Tuesday, calling for closing coal power plants and more money for renewable energy. Obama also again gave more excuses for delaying a decision to allow the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The premise of the Obama climate change speech was based on the false notion that the Earth is warming, or cooling or doing something. He claimed that science has ended the debate, despite every evidence to the contrary. Satellite data shows that global temperatures have essentially been flat for the last 15 years. That over the last 30 years, there has barely been an increase in global average temperature of about 0.6 degrees. Not to mention that the United States has in fact already met the carbon level reductions from the old Kyoto Accords. Still Obama wants to spend trillions of dollars on feel-good projects and cause dramatic increases in energy costs to consumers, making the poor and middle class even more financially stressed out.

obama climate change

The only real heat Obama is feeling is from the growing list of scandals dogging his administration. His job approval ratings are plummeting, especially with independents and young voters as more details of IRS and NSA abuses come to light. For example, we learned this week that IRS employees racked up some $103 million dollars during the past two years in purchases using government-issued credit cards for fancy meals, wine and accessing pornography on the Internet. As for the Snowden-NSA leaker ′crisis′, it seems that after nearly two weeks, somebody in Washington finally figured out that it might be a good idea to list Snowden as a criminal with Interpol.

So with Obama we have the blind leading the blind. He is still using tired, old, disproved arguments from 30 or more years ago. Not to mention data that we now know is totally wrong. Obama has forgotten that the global warming scam was outed in a series of emails. That the so-called ′Hockey-Stick′ graph on global temperatures is a complete fabrication. The continued effort by Obama to destroy our coal industry and suppress our oil and natural gas resources spells nothing but higher energy costs to American consumers. A new study shows that globally, the use of coal actually saves millions of lives lost from inhaling the by-products of using wood and dung for fuels. So Obama has no problem allowing more millions to die so that his pals in the green energy industry can profit from taxpayers′ money.

The Barack Obama climate change speech given yesterday at Georgetown University was more typical Obama lies and deception. Another excuse by Obama not to allow the Keystone XL pipeline or new power plants to be built. Another opportunity to put the jack-boot of government on the throats of the coal, oil and natural gas industries. And further rob bewildered American consumers of their hard-earned money as energy prices rise from the Obama climate change agenda. Obama is looking for any distraction from the growing list of scandals stemming from his administration.