President Barack Hussein Obama approval rating numbers have dropped like a rock since the latest wave of scandals have been in the news. A new CNN-ORC poll shows that Obama′s job approval ratings have declined 8 points since May to just 45%. Perhaps even worse is that the public′s view of Obama as being honest and trustworthy has dropped 9 points to 49%. The largest decline is from young people under 30 years old, where Obama has sunk some 17 points from their favor. This news comes at a bad tome as Obama and Putin meet at the G8 conference to discuss Syria and other issues. Perhaps worse is that there is now more talk of a potential Obama impeachment in 2013 than ever before. Especially should one of the many current scandals can be directly tied to the White House.

obama approval rating

We are now about 5 months into Obama′s second term in office and the likelihood of any major legislative program getting passed seems to becoming more doubtful. The attempt to institute new background checks for purchasing firearms was successfully blocked by the NRA. Given the revelations of the IRS targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups, including leaking confidential information to political rivals, certainly justifies preventing any national database of gun ownership.

Add to that Obama′s other major push, to legalize some 12 million illegal immigrants, also is beginning to fall apart as Democrats strive to disconnect border security as a condition of any immigration reform bill. With vacation season approaching in Washington, the probability that any such bill would pass both houses of Congress before September is becoming more and more remote. By then, budget issues and raising the nation′s debt ceiling will take center stage again. Before you know it, we′ll be in 2014 mid-term election season and hardly anything will get done.

The new CNN-OCR polls show that the Barack Obama approval rating has fallen considerably the past month as more scandals surface. The Obama administration finds itself embroiled in one scandal after another, from the IRS targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups, to the Justice Department snooping on journalists, to the NSA snooping on every American using a phone, credit card or a computer. Should any of these scandals lead investigators inside the White House, then the potential for an Obama impeachment in 2013 becomes more likely. At the very least, whatever legislative agenda Obama had planned for his second term may already have passed him by.