The Secret Service revealed that another letter to Barack Obama, tainted with ricin, was intercepted before reaching the White House. A similar letter, both post-marked from Shreveport, Louisiana , was also sent to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. You may recall that in April, letters allegedly tainted with ricin were sent to Obama, as well as Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker as well as a judge. In the nation′s capitol, the letters to Obama and Wicker were intercepted at a ′screening facility′. The first ′wave′ of ricin letters allegedly came from Tupelo, Mississippi and initially an Elvis impersonator, Paul Kevin Curtis, was taken into custody by the FBI. After they trashed his home and found no evidence of ricin, Curtis was freed. Another suspect, an apparent political foe of Curtis, J. Everett Dutschke, was then arrested. The FBI claims that they did find traces of ricin, as well as documents about ricin, at Dutschke′s martial arts studio. Meanwhile, the FBI arrested Matthew Buquet of Spokane, Washington, for sending a letter allegedly tainted with ricin to a federal judge last week. A suspect in the two new ricin letters to Obama and Bloomberg is allegedly a man from New Boston, Texas.

Obama ricin

According to officials in New York City, the ricin letter to Bloomberg was sent to both his NYC office and to an address in Washington, DC used by Bloomberg′s new non-profit, anti-gun organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The letter allegedly included a message of, ″You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns.″ So the FBI claims that some 6 letters so far this year have now been confirmed to have been tainted with the ricin toxin. The U.S. Postal Service received some 54,000 letters addressed to various politicians and political groups containing unknown substances. The majority of these were hoaxes.

Is this a new growing trend of sending Barack Obama ricin-laced letters? Has New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made himself a target due to his nanny-state approach to Big Government? The Secret Service is on the job protecting the White House from such efforts. But one does have to wonder if the FBI caught the right man who allegedly sent ricin poison letters to Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker last month? You may recall the anthrax letter scare after 9-11-2001 where much time and resources were spent on one suspect who later died and appeared to be exonerated.