Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won′t seek reelection in 2014 and will leave the House of Representatives after serving her fourth term in office. The Minnesota Republican has not specified any future plans of yet. Many Democrat and Liberal pundits are already bashing her, saying that her decision not to run again is due to an on-going investigation by the Federal Election Commission into her 2012 presidential campaign. Or that she might not be able to win a 5th term after a narrow victory over Jim Graves in 2012. They say that Michele Bachmann faces an existential threat in 2014 as Graves is already fund raising for a rematch. There is also the matter of the Michele Bachmann Iowa court date, set for May, 2014, in a lawsuit about her allegedly obtaining an email list of a home school group. Bachmann is among the favorites of the Tea Party, along with Sarah Palin and Allen West. So will Liberals miss not having her to kick around any more?

michele bachmann won  t seek reelection

Needless to say, the gang at MSNBC dedicated the whole day on Wednesday to bashing Bachmann. The fun began early on Morning Schmoe and Chris ′Tingles′ Matthews practically devoted his entire hour to trashing her. It is a sad thing to watch as Liberal bozos make fools of themselves. NOT! What is sad is that MSNBC tries to call itself a ′news′ network when they avoid talking about real issues. For example, we also learned yesterday that several more unions are now in opposition to ObamaCare, wanting the ACA either repealed or heavily modified. More dirt on Eric Holder and the DoJ spying on U.S. reporters was also surfaced, along with additional documents showing that the IRS targeting of Conservative groups is apparently still going on despite claims by the White House to the contrary.

Bachmann, herself, says that her decision not to run again is because she believes that four terms is enough. So what do you think? Is Michele Bachmann leaving the House of Representatives for legitimate reasons? Or is she running scared as the Liberals believe?