A recent poll of ten, count′em, TEN whole political and history professors from George Washington University show 30%, that′s THREE of them, think that adding Barack Obama to Mount Rushmore is a great idea. The Daily Caller reveals this ′impressive survey′ of GWU profs by The College Fix, some of whom actually think that Obama deserves a spot on the South Dakota national monument alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Six of the professors are against the idea, with one either indifferent or still perhaps laughing at the notion. But as with all things in this day and age of social media, there is a Facebook page dedicated to putting Obama′s mug on the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. They even claim to have some 800 ′likes′. Professor Paul Wahlbeck seems to think that Obama deserves to be on Mount Rushmore simply for racial motives. Prof. Edward Berkowitz agrees and thinks that history will show Obama to be the great social welfare president. Prof. Robert Stoker rounds out the three supporters, though he thinks it may be too early to start carving.

obama mt rushmore

Have you heard anything more silly than this? If you have, then I suggest you start a Facebook page called, ″Something more Stupid than putting Obama′s Mug on Mount Rushmore.″ But before you dismiss this insanity, it bears noting that Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC actually thinks that Obama should be the ONLY president on Mt. Rushmore! Maybe she′ll concede some space for other heroes of the Far-Left like Lenin, Mao and Marx? Those would be more appropriate to reside with Obama in the transformed America.

Aside from the fact that Obama has not done one, solitary thing to improve the nation, is the only valid reason to put him on Mount Rushmore is because of his race? I′m afraid not! Washington and Jefferson helped form our nation. Lincoln preserved the nation. Teddy Roosevelt turned the nation into a global power. That is why they are honored to be on Mt. Rushmore.

What has Obama done? Bankrupt America. Downgraded our nation′s credit rating. Usurped power. Turned the government into his own, private Gestapo to harass and eliminate political opposition. Side-steps the Constitution regularly. Diminished our standing in global affairs. And now seeks to allow Islamic terrorists to have a free hand at destroying Western Civilization. The only memorial Obama is fit for is for his face to be copied and placed on the bottom of every trashcan in America!

So forget about these goofy George Washington University professors who think adding Barack Obama to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. The Daily Caller has exposed this ′survey′ of ten professors by The College Fix, as a joke. The three professors out of ten questioned who think Obama deserves to be on Mt. Rushmore should all be fired as they are idiots. I am sure that Obama will give them high-paying jobs in the government, so they won′t suffer.