Noble Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has joined with Human Rights Watch to denounce the new Muslim 2-child limit ordered in certain provinces in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The restrictions effect the Rakhine state in Western Myanmar were there have been clashes between Buddhists and Muslim Rohingya families. Sectarian violence erupted in two Rakhine townships in the past year. Local provincial leader, Win Myaing, told the AFP that the birth rate of Muslims has been high, also resulting in a crackdown to enforce monogamy laws in Rakhine. But President Thein Sein is coming under fire for the unrest, which claims at least 200 dead and thousands displaced as refugees. Another watchdog and relief group, the Arakan Project, is also keeping a close eye on the violence. Aside from problems caused by citizens of Myanmar, there has also been a large influx of refugees from Bangladesh into the western provinces.

Muslim 2 child limit

So this is an open thread, meaning that you may comment on any topic you wish. I have started the ball rolling with this piece about ethic and religious trouble in Myanmar. With the recent Muslim terrorist attacks in London and Paris, as well as riots in Sweden, it would appear that Europe is rebelling from the ′Diversity Experiment′ as Western and Islamic cultures clash. Could developments in Myanmar be the first signs of similar problems in the Far East?

There are many topics on folks minds these days. Memorial Day 2013 weekend draws attention to the problem of the disability backlog within the Veterans Affairs department. Over 600,000 applications have yet to be processed and some 53 U.S. military veterans are dying each day without any government assistance that may have saved their lives. While the Obama administration radically expands food stamp and disability benefits for the general public, our veterans are waiting twice as long, about 270 days, for their applications to be processed.

Others may be concerned about the continuing scandals of the Obama White House, such as the spying on journalists or targeting of Conservatives by the IRS and other government agencies. How some information gathered by the IRS is winding up in the hands of the Liberal Media. Are Democrats conspiring to squash financial support for the GOP and Conservative groups before the 2014 mid-term elections? Is this all part of a plan to keep other activities by the Obama administration secret or obscured from public scrutiny?

So what do you think about the Muslim 2-child limit in Myanmar? Do you agree with groups like Human Rights Watch and the Arakan Project that this is outrageous as said by Aung San Suu Kyi? Or is Win Myaing correct that things are out of control in the Rakhine State in western Myanmar, Burma, due to high birth rates and Islamic polygamy? If you were President Thein Sein, what would you do?