Suggesting to her listeners of her radio show on Thursday, Andrea Tantaros of Fox News said: Punch Obama voters in the face. She was discussing her disgust over the Justice Department targeting journalists, including James Rosen of Fox News, which turns out be have been sanctioned by Eric Holder. You may recall that when the Obama scandal broke about the Department of Justice secretly obtaining phone logs of some twenty telephone lines connected to the Associated Press, I predicted that the story would get much wider. And so it has! We now know that James Rosen and William La Jeunesse of Fox News, were targeted by the DoJ way back in 2009. The Justice Department had even obtained a warrant to grab phone logs of several FNC lines by asserting that Rosen was under suspicion of espionage of all things! Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News might also be another victim of Barack Obama′s War Against the First Amendment as her reporting on Fast and Furious and Benghazi Gate may have led the DoJ to try hacking her computer. So is Andrea Tantaros justified in telling listeners to punch Obama voters in the face for being so stupid in reelecting him?

andrea tantaros

We all know how the Low Information Voters, and No Information, too, helped put Obama back in the White House for another four years. Alleged citizens who probably have never read the Constitution and were probably taught in Liberal schools that it is a worthless document anyway, reelected Obama since he played Sugar Daddy to the nation. Free food stamps, free cell phones and free condoms were all they could think about.

But, alas, there are so many Obama voters that punching all in the face for being so stupid probably is not an efficient use of our time. Sorry, Angela, but I think you went a bit too far on this one. Sure, it is a fun thought but it is simply not practical. Besides, it would be a waste of time. Obama voters will get their just desserts eventually after Obama destroys the last vestiges of our economy and nation. When the Great Culling begins, Barack Obama voters will get far more than just a punch in the face. They will first starve and grow thirsty as our food and water delivery systems breakdown. As society crumbles, law and order will slip away, leading to total anarchy and street violence we have not seen before, even in previous riots. Eventually, humanity will be reduced to cannibalism, except for those who are already preparing for the end of Western Civilization. They shall prosper and survive the Great Culling, bringing forth to the world a new government far better than that which we have today. Happy Memorial Day!