Season Four, Episode 6 of The Discovery Channel series Sons of Guns had more drama than a Shakespeare festival last night! Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms appears to be nearly broke without enough money to make payroll. The SOCOM rifle deal is still hung up due to a lack of .458 caliber barrels. Meanwhile, Kris and Stephanie Ford are planning to start their own gun shop business. But how successful will that be now that Kris bought the 10 SOCOM rifle barrels from former friend, Vince Buckles, out of the personal savings of Kris and Stephanie? Joe, Charlie and Flem struggle along to build a Russian-made PKM machine gun for one client while Will restores a LeFever shotgun damaged in a hurricane. Will Red Jacket Firearms survive their cash crunch?

PKM machine gun

Last week′s episode ended with Kris missing the client demo of a restored German MG-34 machine gun so he could talk with Vince at his new gun shop. After airing some personal grievances, Kris offers to buy the 10 SOCOM rifle barrels from out of his own pocket. Vince agrees to lower the price from $500 each to $450. While this is going on, a client arrives at Red Jacket with a PKM machine gun he wants restored and modified to be used with a 500-round back-pack magazine. A flex-feed system must be matched to the PKM′s caliber, as well as shortening the barrel and gas systems to make the weapon a ′One Man Army′ gun. Kris arrives at the shop with the box of SOCOM barrels, upsetting both Will and Stephanie. Neither did not like Kris going around their backs and Steph was definitely mad about her husband tapping their savings account without her consent.

Naturally, Flem gets the job of getting the PKM into firing condition. Once again, new employee Thomas helps him out, but in a bad way. During a test fire, Thomas shouts, ″Clear!″, while there is still a ′hot′ round in the gun. Flem corrects him, as he had to do last week when Thomas almost caused a deadly accident while test firing the MG-34. Will also scolds Thomas later that day about his lack of range safety. Thomas is already in hot water after giving Will some lip when told his overtime hours would be cut due to the company′s financial woes. Another client, Ben, arrives with a LeFever shotgun that has been in his family for three generations. Hurricane Issac damaged it when the storm smashed his house into a million pieces. Will promises to restore it.

Kris obtains a prototype backpack magazine, but the flex-feed system is designed to 7.62mm NATO ammunition, not the 7.62mm Russian type, which is a tad shorter and fatter than the .308 NATO rounds. Will eyeballs the flex feed and sees that some of the connecting clips are misaligned, which is why the ammo belt is getting hung up. Joe and Charlie work on modifying the PKM, cutting the barrel and the gas recoil system. But after a test fire, they learn that they have cut it too short, leaving too little space for the gas piston to function to eject and reload rounds. A friend of Charlie provides a custom made spacer that seals the gas leaks and allows the PKM to operate.

Will contacts his SOCOM customer to let them know that the order will soon be shipped, but the customer informs Will that the deal is off. Apparently, they bought weapons from somebody else two weeks ago. Oh-Oh! So Will is out some $90,000 he has invested in the project. He also learns that his new lathe will be returned if they cannot come up with $8,000 in 30 days. Will talks with Joe, telling him, ″We′re done″, and ″shut off the sign.″ Joe thinks they should cut half the staff. Things get so intense that they escape the prying eyes of the film crew by driving off in Will′s vehicle for a private chat. The only solution now is to find somebody else to buy the 40 SOCOM rifles. Will hits another brick wall when Stephanie tells him about how Kris and she are starting their own company.

The crew pulls an all-nighter to finish the PKM machine gun. The client is happy as he watches Joe tear through the shooting course by himself in just 83 seconds while Kris and his 3-man gun crew took several minutes to do the same with a conventional PKM. I wonder how Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein and the other anti-gun nuts would feel about folks having 500-round back-pack magazines? So Sons of Guns ends on a high note, sort of, as Red Jacket Firearms may have a new buyer for the SOCOM rifles. But on the other side of town, Flem gets a job offer from Vince Buckles as his new gun business is starting to take off. Is Red Jacket Firearms doomed? Will there be a Season Five for Sons of Guns on The Discovery Channel? Will Flem quit and join Vince? What about Kris and Stephanie Ford and their new gun shop business? Will Lassie save Timmy in the nick of time? Stay tuned, folks!