Time Magazine has published Barack Obama prom photos! Yes, it is true. We even learned that ′Barry′ signed the yearbook of Kelli Allman, source for the photos, calling her, ″Sweet and Foxy.″ Obama was 17 year old in the picture taken from the 1979 prom night at Punahou High School. This exclusive Hawaii school was where Obama ran with his ′Choom Gang′ buddies, smoking marijuana in a VW micro-bus so much as to create a thick cloud of intoxicating smoke. Only then, with the windows rolled up, could Obama and his pothead pals achieve ′Total Absorption.′ Was this where Barack Hussein Obama developed his agenda for closing the Guantanamo Bay Prison after winning the White House by devious means? Or was ′Barry′ just buzzed out of his mind?

obama prom photos
Time Magazine published Obama prom photos kept by his fellow student at Punahou High School, Kelli Allman.

Yesterday, Obama droned on for nearly an hour about drone strikes and ending the global War on Terror. This, just one day after the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, 25, a member of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers Regiment by two Islamic jihadists. Naturally, Obama never mentioned Islamic or Muslim terrorism in his speech. Let us not forget that this speech also comes about a month after the Boston Marathon bombing, another clear example of Islamic terrorism. The FBI even had to kill an old friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Ibragim Todashev, another Muslim Chechen, while questioning him in Miami, Florida concerning the murder of three friends of Tamerlan on September 11, 2011. Todashev allegedly produced a knife to attack the FBI agents, who then proceeded to shoot him to death.

Obama claims that the War on Terror is over barely nine months after the Islamic terrorist attack against our diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, carried out by Ansar al-Sharia, a group affiliated with Al Qaeda. Obama also promised in his speech yesterday to finally close the GITMO prison facility which is holding over 100 known terrorists. While most of the Liberal pundits in the Main Stream Media praised Obama for his ′major foreign policy′ speech, they overlook one minor detail. While Obama and his fellow Marxist Liberals think the War on Terror is over, those who actually declared war upon us, the Islamic terrorists, have not given up! As evident from the London terror attack, out of the mouths of the Islamic jihadists, we will never be safe anywhere. They will continue to try to kill us, even if it means beheading one victim at a time.

So Time Magazine can have its fun publishing Barack Obama prom photos, but the sad truth is that the party is a wake. A wake for America and Western Civilization. While Barry Obama was smoking dope and dancing with Kelli Allman at his prom in 1979 at Punahou High School, he was already being mentored and prepared to become a Marxist Socialist, destined to sit in the White House and destroy all that is good and decent about the United States. Sadly, more people, mostly Low Information Voters, are more concerned about Amanda Bynes who was arrested yesterday for throwing her marijuana bong out her New York City apartment window. Too bad Barry was not around to catch it!