A British soldier was killed by two Muslim men in a London terror attack Wednesday. Just outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich Common, two men armed with a pistol and several edge weapons, including a machete and a butcher′s meat cleaver, deliberately ran over a 20-year old soldier with their automobile. Then, according to witnesses and Scotland Yard, the Muslim men proceeded to behead and hack the soldier′s body in a gruesome fashion in broad daylight. They then paraded about as onlookers watched and some video recorded the whole incident. They made political speeches of extreme Islamic views and shouted, ′Allah Akbar!′ Metropolitan police did not respond for some twenty minutes to the London attack 2013 as they waited for a special unit arrived that was armed with guns. David Cameron, who was in France for a conference, relayed immediately that there were strong indications that this was a terrorist attack, not workplace violence nor road rage as Barack Obama would have characterize such.

london attack

The special police unit which actually carries gun, unlike most London police, were confronted by the two crazed Muslims and were put down. Both men were wounded and are in hospital. One is reportedly born in the UK, the other from Nigeria. Before police arrived, they made statements to those with video cameras saying, ″You and your children will be next!″ They claimed to be justified in their brutal murder spree due to the UK and America military actions.

The shock and horror of the grizzly London attack in broad daylight, where a British soldier was butchered by two Muslim men has stunned the UK. The terrorist attack outside of the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich Commons saw the two men behead and hack away at the young soldier after they ran him over with a car. According to witnesses and Scotland Yard, they then shouted extreme Islamic views until the Metropolitan Police arrived after 20 minutes. British Prime Minister David Cameron wasted no time in saying that there were strong indications that this was a terrorist attack. The London attack of 2013 shows that the War on Terror is far from over.