The Barack Obama administration sent White House Senior Advisor Daniel Pfeiffer to do the Sunday morning talk show circuit. Pfeiffer appeared on all five major news networks just as Susan Rice did 8 months ago. His response to questions about Benghazi-Gate emails, the IRS and Associated Press scandals were essentially the same spin of lies. Pfeiffer said that ′the law is irrelevant′ in regards to the IRS targeting the Tea Party, as well as Conservative and religious groups. He also said concerning the terrorist attack in Benghazi last September 11, that it was ′irrelevant′ where Barack Obama was during the 8-hour long crisis or what he was doing while four Americans were killed. Perhaps the larger question should now be, is the Obama administration irrelevant?

Obama white house scandals

A new CNN-ORC poll shows that Obama still has a 53% approval rating, up two points from last month. However, it also reveals that the tide may be turning as the public supports the GOP reactions to the latest round of White House scandals. Some 59% believe that Congressional Republicans are acting appropriately in their inquiries on Benghazi. On the IRS scandal, 54% approve of the way the GOP is handling the situation. Overall, 55% say that Benghazi and the IRS scandals matter and are very important. 53% say the same for the AP scandal. Of those supporting the Obama administration responses, the range is 37% to 43%. These numbers match closely with an earlier poll by Gallup.

So there is little doubt that the Barack Obama administration is beginning to loose ground with the American people. True, he will have a solid base of supporters, the die-hard, yellow-dog Democrats and the ignorant Low Information Voters. Sending out Dan Pfeiffer, a White House senior advisor, was as big a mistake as when Susan Rice was when she did her tour of five Sunday morning talk shows. Pfeiffer saying that ′the law is irrelevant′ in the IRS scandal and that Obama′s location and actions during the Benghazi attack was irrelevant comes as no surprise. Obama thinks the U.S. Constitution is irrelevant.