Barack Obama is looking for cover, any cover, from the possible cover ups from his administration over the Benghazi email, AP and IRS scandals. Just two weeks ago, Obama spoke to the graduating class of Ohio State University, warning the young, Low Information Voters not to listen to those who preach the Constitution and its purpose of limiting the power of the federal government. Oh, what a web of lies as the public is now starting to awaken to the realities of what a despotic tyranny might be like. Image being audited by the IRS and being forced to list what books you have read or how you pray? Having phone logs secretly obtained of news organizations like the Associated Press by the Justice Department? How the State Department white-washed any references to Al Qaeda or other terrorists groups in the attack on our diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, resulting in the murders of four American government employees. Of having questions raised about the deaths of U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six members as family members prepare to sue the government to get the truth.

obama cover up

Yes, the last couple of weeks have been hard ones for the Obama White House. Jay Carney is actually being asked real questions during daily press briefings. Even Obama is being asked real questions during his press conferences. Icons of ′journalism′, like Bob Woodward, are beginning to draw connections between the Obama and Nixon administrations. A growing number of Democrats are starting to squirm as their agenda unravels from scandal overload.

You know things are bad when Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, the primary news source for the Low Information Voters, begins to joke about Obama being a tyrant. Their plastic messiah is melting from the heat of scrutiny. Propped up for years by a friendly media, Obama is showing himself to be either an incompetent fool, or a maniacal devil out to usurp power by any means.

The only thing certain right now as that the game is far from over. Indeed, the fun is just beginning! There will be many more hearings by Congress on all of the scandals. This week marks the 40th anniversary of when the Watergate hearings began. It was about two years and change between when the infamous burglary happened till when Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office. So much will happen as we move forward into the darkness that is the Barack Obama administration. You can pretty much forget about any real work being accomplished during his remaining days in the White House. Not that Obama was going to do any real work, he certainly has not done any since taking office in 2009. He didn′t do much when elected to the U.S. Senate, for that matter. But the scandals may impact his favorite part of the job, giving speeches. Once adorned and believed, Obama now faces skepticism, even by his own fans.