The Discovery Channel had a Zombie Apocalypse marathon on last night to showcase a new series, ′Surviving Zombies′ and a new documentary, ′Zombie Preppers′. Surviving Zombies: The Apocalypse Field Guide, focuses on a company, Zombie Tools, started by three men, Max, Chris and Joey in Missoula, Montana. They primarily fashion blade weapons, mostly swords and spears, to give zombie hunters ′an edge′, pardon the pun, to deal with the undead when the bullets run out. In Zombie Preppers, we look into the lives of 4 people who are seriously preparing for a zombie apocalypse, as well as several egg-head PhDs who have ′researched′ the possibility of such a scenario. One fellow, Dr. Steven Schlozman from Harvard Medical School, really thinks that a zombie pathogen is a potential threat to humanity.

surviving zombies

Surviving Zombies is a new, half-hour, weekly series where we get to watch the guys from Zombie Tools make their weapons and prepare their own zombie-proof bunker. Well, new for Discovery, as the series was aired on the Science Channel last December. They decide on using three steel shipping containers laid out in an ′H′ formation to make their last stand in. Doors, windows, escape hatches and gun ports are cut out using a welding torch. The boys deal with other survival issues, like freshwater, sanitation, emergency medical training and food storage. They do not think that those who are prepping to ′bug-in′, staying at home and waiting the chaos out, will last very long. They also do not believe that ′lone wolf′ survivalists will last, either.

In Zombie Preppers, we meet four committed preppers who are getting ready for the zombie apocalypse. Patti is married with 2 children and keeps her pantry stocked and her guns loaded. Shawn is a school teacher who loves his crossbow and practices scoring head shots. Alfredo is part of the Kansas Anti-Zombie Militia as they go full-out in their preps. Matthew lives in Florida not far from where what may have been the first zombie attack when last year, May 26, 2012, a homeless man was killed by police in Miami as he was eating a victim′s face. Matthew has been investigating that, and other incidents of cannibalism to search for signs of zombie activity.

Then we have the egg-heads. As mentioned, there is Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Schlozman, who has actually worked out the possibility of a zombie pathogen. His ′research′ indicates that once a zombie germ is let loose, human civilization could be in real trouble in as short as nine days. Political Science Professor Daniel Drezner of Tufts University is also working on zombie scenarios. How such an event will impact society and our social structures. His analysis is pretty grim, too.

So the Zombie Apocalypse marathon on The Discovery Channel will be a big hit with zombie fans. The new series, Surviving Zombies, starring the owners of Zombie Tools, and the documentary, Zombie Preppers, are sure to please many. They even touched on potential causes for the zombie apocalypse, such as new drugs like bath salts making people deranged and turning them into cannibals. Or voodoo priests practicing their zombie skills, spreading puffer fish toxins around. Of course, there is always the government. Whether by design or accident, some new pathogen being released into the population could start the zombie apocalypse. I′m sure the CIA and Defense Department would never ever consider testing secret drugs and diseases on the public without their knowledge. Oh…, wait…, they have in the past, haven′t they? Oops!