I have my ticket, do you have yours as the Powerball jackpot tops $600 Million dollars? You heard me, $600,000,000 dollar lottery jackpot! This Saturday night, the jackpot could be much larger as long lines of eager dreamers buy more tickets. Friday morning, it stood at $550 Million and if no one should win, some lottery officials think that the next drawing could top the One-Billion-Dollar mark! On Wednesday night, the Powerball jackpot was $360 Million. Iowa Loterry spokesperson, Mary Neubauer is urging players not to be irresponsible. Realistically, one easy-pick ticket is as good a bet as a hundred thought-out sets of numbers. The Mega Millions lottery jackpot of $190 Million dollars was won last night by tickets purchased in New Jersey and Virginia, so next Tuesday′s drawing will restart again at $19 Million dollars. So are you caught up in lottery fever?

UPDATE: There was only one winning Powerball lottery ticket which won the jackpot prize of $600,000,000 dollars. The ticket was sold in Florida and the final tally puts the Powerball jackpot at about $590 Million dollars. After taxes, the one lucky winner will about $350 Million dollars.

Powerball jackpot

If not, don′t worry. This is an ′Open Thread′, so you can comment about any topic you wish. Plenty happened this week, so there is no lack of subjects to wrestle over. We had Congressional hearings on the IRS yesterday. Obama got some Pinocchios for his last few pressers addressing the Benghazi and IRS scandals. Even PolitiFacts said his statements were false! Naturally, Chris Matthews and the other bozos at MSNBC still think the whole thing is drummed up by racist Conservatives bent on disgracing Obama.

Around the world, we have Libya falling apart as civil war gains momentum. The Russians nabbed one of our diplomats wearing a blonde wig and is expelling him as a spy. At the same time, they are sending more weaponry to their friends in Syria. This morning, South Korea reports that North Korea fired three, short-ranged missiles as part of some test while our Navy is exercising off shore.

So there is no lack of topics to discuss. But for me, the Powerball jackpot hitting $600 Million dollars is the big news of the day! The Saturday night drawing will probably see the grand prize hit $650 if not $700 Million. What would you do if you won such a sum of cash? Donate it to Obama? Give it to Karl Rove to waste? My plan is to hire a well-endowed in the chest, blue-eyed, blonde lady, under 30 years old, to wheel me around Las Vegas as we have lots of fun gambling and partying the Powerball jackpot away! Now there′s a plan you can bank on!