In a study that surprisingly proved an age-old stereotype about liberal men, scientists have found that conservative men are stronger. This explains, they say, why liberal men are more inclined to support government welfare programs, because they are unable to fend for themselves, while conservative men are more self-reliant.

You can read about the study here which appears in the current issue of the journal Psychological Science. The study found no correlation among women between physical strength and political leanings, a finding that somewhat surprises me. There is that other stereotype of the butch liberal woman pumping iron, but that stereotype appears to be untrue according to the study. But there is no doubt now that liberal men are by and large milk-toasts who don’t take care of their bodies.

The study gives us more insight into the psyche of the liberal male. Conservatives often say they have trouble understanding why any average male would vote for Obama against their own self-interests. Much of the confusion is rooted in education and differing feelings of self-esteem between liberals and conservatives. Conservative voters are more educated than liberal voters, so there is an intellect gap that may never be understood by more educated people.

And there is a self-esteem gap. Scientific studies have shown that conservatives are happier people while liberals tend to be depressed. With depression comes apathy and anger. It just may be that male liberal voters just don’t care enough to inform themselves of the issues in elections.

Curious as to reader thoughts?