Barack Obama announced yesterday that Steven Miller, the acting head of the Internal Revenue Service, is stepping down as the IRS – Tea Party scandal appears to be widening in scope. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to answer many new questions from the press, citing an ′ongoing investigation′ by the Justice Department. However, we are learning that the bureaucratic tom-foolery went well beyond just non-profit groups with ′Tea Party′ or ′9/12 Project′ in their names. Many groups dedicated to teaching the Constitution were also targeted, as well as some religious groups, including pro-Jewish organizations and Christians. We have also learned this week that many Liberal and Progressive groups were essentially ′rubber-stamped′ gaining their non-profit status, including one organization run by Obama′s half-brother.

obama IRS scandal

The IRS scandal also appears to have more widespread than originally reported. When Lois Lerner, who, as it turns out, personally approved Obama′s step-brother′s charity group in just 30 days, said that the inappropriate actions occurred from the IRS office in Cleveland, she was wrong. Documents show that many of the applications for non-profit status were delayed and denied by officials in other offices, including those in Washington, DC. Many Conservative groups are still awaiting approval after initially applying for their 501C or 501D status over two years ago. Liberal groups were general approved in less than 9 months.

While Barack Obama acted like he was firing Steven Miller as head of the Internal Revenue Service, Miller′s own memo to IRS employees paints a different picture of how he was to leave in June. So I would not necessarily say that Obama fired Miller over the IRS – Tea Party scandal. While other IRS officials may find themselves in hot water soon, rest assured that any probe by the Justice Department will not explore any connection between the White House and this scandal.