Move over Obama-IRS scandal. Make some room, Benghazi-Gate. Barack Obama and his administration find themselves embroiled in yet another new scandal. This time over the Justice Department secretly seizing the phone records of the Associated Press! Yes, the call logs of at least 20 phone accounts, including some home and cell phone numbers, were obtained by the Justice Department as part of an investigation into National Security leaks. As many as 100 AP reporters and some editors may have been the subject of this secret probe as Obama-plumbers try to plug leaks stemming from a terror plot from Yemen which was exposed. Yet another indication of the contempt the Obama White House has for the press, as well as average Americans like those of the Tea Party and other groups who were the target of bureaucratic mischief by the Internal Revenue Service. Just as Obama and his minions showed contempt as they and underlings in the State Department lied to cover up mistakes made during the Benghazi terror attack.

obama scandals

This morning was quite amusing as I watched MSNBC′s ″Morning Schmoe″ and thought for a moment that I was watching Fox News! Even the empty-headed Mika Brzezinski appeared outraged over the IRS and AP scandals! Maybe Joe Scarborough added some extra vodka to her java? Who can say, but it was funny to watch them actually question the competency of the Obama administration, as well as their honesty.

Barack Hussein Obama, a fool with a fool′s face and an ego the size of the Grand Canyon has been playing fast and loose in true, Chicago-thug style for many years. But the problem with stepping on the toes of others is that sooner or later, you step on one toe too many. Even in way back in 2009, we knew that Obama had an ′enemies list′ with Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others on it. Needless to say, now that the story has broken about how the Associated Press was being investigated secretly, you have to imagine that even folks in the newsrooms of the New York Times, Washington Post, and NBC must be wondering if they were investigated, too?

Here′s a Red Alert! Washington LEAKS information when they want to! HELLO!!! Obama, himself, does quite a bit of leaking when it serves his purposes. There′s very little anyone can do to stop government officials and political aides from leaking tidbits to their pals in the press. If Obama had ever bothered to read Tom Clancy′s ″A Clear and Present Danger′, then he would know that you cannot stop a bomb that has already exploded. The best course of action is to get in front of a story, no matter how negative it may be, and do a full disclosure and move on. Dripping facts out slowly in a 24/7 news cycle no longer is an option.

So while Obama has IRS and Benghazi-Gate woes, this latest scandal about the Justice Department secretly obtaining the phone logs of the Associated Press may be the one that finally turns the tide of the Media covering his backside. The paranoia and contempt of the Barack Obama administration is not limited to Right wing groups, the Tea Party, or even Fox News. The White House, State Department, Internal Revenue Service and other shills for Obama extend their wrath well beyond just Republicans. Even some old-time Democrat politicians might be wondering what information Obama has been collecting on them? So stock up on the popcorn and beer because the great Washington kabuki dance is gearing up for quite a show!