The IRS apologizes to the Tea Party and other Conservative groups for targeting them on their 501C non-profit status. Lois Lerner, an official with the Internal Revenue Service issued the formal apology on Friday. The initial story appears to be that at least one IRS employee in Cincinnati flagged applications for non-profit status by any groups with the words ′Tea Party′ or ′Patriot′ in their names since 2011. The applications were delayed and demands were made for more information from such political groups, such as donors lists, Facebook postings, emails, and any contact with lawmakers. Congress plans to probe into this via its authority over the Treasury Department. Jay Carney says that the White House had nothing to do with the targeting. Even the ACLU is outraged over this action by our government.

irs apologizes tea party

So is this a case of just one over-zealous IRS employee or was it a direct political attack ordered by Barack Obama? Is Obama the new Nixon? Cover-ups, lies, political blackmail, IRS attacks, it sure sounds like the bad-old-days of Nixon. There is good reason for Obama to go after the Tea Party. After all, they spoiled his fun during the 2010 mid-term elections. Just think how much worse shape the nation would be in now had Obama still had a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives? Cats and dogs would be together, the Mississippi would be running backwards, and we would have statues to Lucifer in every town square.

I′m just kidding, we probably already have statues of Lucifer everywhere. Just go to 30 ′Rock′ Plaza in New York! Yes, it is a funny, strange new world Obama is ushering in. As if he is almost trying to provoke a civil war, taunting Christians and Conservatives alike with his nonsense. Is this why Homeland Security is buying a billion rounds of ammunition? Buying tanks and armored vehicles to operate in the streets of America? Does Obama really think he governing the nation while spending all of his time campaigning and fund raising?

I am glad that the IRS apologizes and hope the Tea Party and Conservative groups accept it. I also look forward to Congress investigating the Treasury Department to find out what happened and who is responsible? Lois Lerner of the Internal Revenue Service claims that it was just one employee at the IRS Cincinnati office. Let us hope that she is right. Otherwise, Jay Carney will have more fun defending Barack Obama and the White House should the trail of suspicion leads to their front door. The parallels between Obama and Nixon are growing by the day it seems.