The families and supporters of members of the SEAL Team 6 unit which was lost on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan spoke out yesterday at the National Press Club. Some believe that the unit was set-up for assassination, perhaps betrayed by Afghanis working for the Taliban, to shoot down the CH-47 Chinook helicopter carrying 38 people, including 17 Navy SEALs. But the story gets even worse as a video shows the ′ramp ceremony′ where the bodies of the dead soldiers were returned to the United States. The Pentagon and Obama administration arranged for a Muslim cleric who was allowed to essentially insult our fallen heroes, condemning them to Hell and disparaging ″the God of Moses″. The incident paints a grim and tragic picture of how the Barack Hussein Obama administration is corrupting our military services on many levels, including political correctness and Muslim ′outreach.′

SEAL Team 6

The mission itself, known as ′Extortion 17′, was to be a rescue and support operation to aid and recover a group of 47 Army Rangers under fire from the Taliban. The Obama White House has increased the number of special op missions significantly, straining both men and equipment. The rules of engagement restricted our troops from returning fire while under attack. The mission may have been doomed from the beginning as many suspect that Afghanistan soldiers attached to the unit had tipped off the Taliban. Intelligence reports knew beforehand that the Taliban were in the area looking to ambush and shoot down any American helicopter.

The families of the dead SEAL members charge that their loved ones had a target on their backs after Barack Obama and his administration gave too much information following the take-down of Osama bin Laden. They are even more upset over how the Pentagon appears to be bending over backwards to appease Islamic extremists. The families feel that they themselves are targets, and are concerned that after five Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil since Obama took office, that they might be next.

But perhaps what really makes the families of the SEAL Team 6 unit killed in Afghanistan mad is how their dead loved ones for taken for granted by the government. Watch the videos from yesterday′s event held at the National Press Club to see their anger. Watch as a Muslim cleric, permitted by the Pentagon and the Obama administration to speak at the ′ramp ceremony′, insult our fallen heroes. Yes, it is government run a muck.