Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford wins the special election yesterday for the 1st Congressional District, beating Elizabeth Colbert Busch 54-45. The seat was vacated by Tim Scott when he was appointed to the U.S. Senate by current Governor Nikki Haley after Jim Demint resigned to head the Heritage Foundation. Sanford′s victory could be seen as redemption for his silly Appalachian Trail story when he was visiting his girlfriend in South America. Democrats had pushed hard to win the seat and the Liberal Media did all they could to trash Sanford. Will Stephen Colbert hang his head in shame over his sister′s loss? Will Barack Obama now have to face the probability that the 2014 mid-term elections will keep the House in Republican hands?

mark sanford

Speaking of Obama, he spent last night at a private fund raiser with a minimal ticket price of $10,000. A real ′Man of the People′, isn′t he? The fund raiser was meant to help supply Congressional Democrat candidates for 2014. Obama′s presidency will come to a grinding halt should the GOP hang on to the House of Representatives. Many would say that he is already a lame duck now.

Sanford got little support from the RNC. There is no doubt that he is an embarrassment. Last year, Mitt Romney won SC-1 with 18% over Obama and Tim Scott won reelection to the House by an even wider margin of 62% to 35.7% over Democrat candidate Bobbie Rose. So Sanford′s win by 9% in the special election was no surprise, despite some polls showing the race being much closer. A few polls even had Colbert-Busch leading him early on in the race.

So the big question of the day is whether Mark Sanford′s winning the special election against Elizabeth Colbert Busch has any national implications for 2014? The 1st Congressional District seat had been vacated by Tim Scott after South Carloina Governor Nikki Haley appointed him to replace Jim Demint in the U.S. Senate. Despite the Appalachian Trail lie told by Sanford to cover up an extra-marital affair, the voters have spoken, giving him another chance. Will viewers of Stephen Colbert pay him any mind? Will Barack Obama pay the price for Democrats running pitiful candidates in 2014?