A lot of Liberals are accusing the NRA of selling the ′Obama Zombie Target′, bleeding torso at their convention this past weekend. But, of course, this is not true! In fact, the NRA officials told the vendor, Zombie Industries, to not sell them. The company, based in San Diego, sells a wide range of bleeding , life-like zombie torso targets, including a line of zombie ex-girlfriends, for shooters to practice on. Poor taste or fun, you decide? The company′s products have been seen on TV shows, such as the zombie gun episode of Sons of Guns on The Discovery Channel. Yet, the Far-Left, including MSNBC Al Sharpton, are accusing the National Rifle Association for this product when, in fact, they stopped sales of them at their convention. The company notes that the target in question is named Rocky, and is described as a former boxer from Detroit, now turned into a zombie following the Zombie Apocalypse.

obama zombie target
Does Rocky look too much like Obama? Image Source: Zombie Industries website.

Zombie Industries makes a variety of bleeding torso targets. There are clowns, Nazis, a terrorist who looks much like Osama bin Laden, ′The Ex′, as well as a mix of various animals. They also produce a variety of non-bleeding torso targets where the wounded areas change color to a bright orange to indicate where the bullets went. Each torso can handle up to 1,000 rounds before needing replacement. Naturally, they also produce more conventional paper targets, including one featuring our Obama look-a-like, Rocky.

So do not be fooled by the usual ′news reports′ by the Far-Left Media! The NRA had nothing to do with the sale of any Obama zombie target products, paper or life-like torso. In fact, the National Rifle Association requested that the vendor, Zombie Industries, stop selling them at their convention this past weekend. Again, the company claims that the Obama-like version is named Rocky and describes the target as being an ex-boxer from Detroit who became a zombie following the Zombie Apocalypse. For more information, I suggest you check out their website: zombieindustries.com.