Historian Niall Ferguson got into hot water from remarks he made about John Maynard Keynes being ″gay and childless″ and therefore was not interested in the long run for future generations. Ferguson based his statement referring to the Edmund Burke notion that social contracts, whether economic or political, were between the living, the dead, and those yet born. Ferguson has been the target of many on the Far-Left for his comments that irritate financial advisor Paul ′Enron′ Krugman. It is obvious that people on The Left have been after Ferguson′s hide for a while. His stance against Obama and his policies really got The Media mad last year. Ferguson apologized for his remarks, calling them ″stupid and insensitive″, but will it help?

Niall Ferguson remark Keynes

There is little doubt that Keynes was gay, at least for part of his early life. He did marry a woman later on and from all reports, it was a happy marriage. But the question of whether his sexual preferences would alter his views? Most people would say that it doesn′t, or at least it shouldn′t.

Likewise, calling Ferguson a bigot does not carry much water, either. His own wife, Ayaan Hiris Ali, a woman of ′colour′, is not exactly one whom a real bigot would be involved with. So this whole thing is a non-issue, in my opinion. If there is any issue at all, it is the bigotry of the Far-Left and the Media who are engaged in a deliberate attempt to discredit Niall Ferguson. His opposition to the economic philosophy of John Maynard Keynes is understandable. Ferguson has also been generally a supporter of Western Civilization, which is considered taboo by most Liberal academics. This is merely the latest attempt by the Far-Left to trash someone who believes in Capitalism and is generally Conservative politically.