Tensions in the Middle East are rising as Israel bombs Syria for a second day. The Israelis claim that they are targeting long-range rockets and missiles which the Bashar Assad regime is transferring to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syrian State TV claims that the airstrikes hit a science research facility. So far, Barack Obama and the United States State Department are not saying much about the actions taken by the Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The news of the airstrikes comes as the Pentagon confirmed that we have modified our largest ′bunker-buster′ bombs, the Massive Ordnance Penetrator or MOP, to deal with Iran′s nuclear program, presumably to let Israel know we are on the ball. Between Iran, Syria and growing problems in Egypt, Israel is once again facing a potential war, surrounded on all sides.

israel bombs syria

Meanwhile, the Syrian Civil War and possible use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime continues to plague the Obama administration as it struggles to deal with its own ′red line′ statements. Our credibility as a world leader is once again in jeopardy until some definite course of action is determined. That Israel bombs Syria twice in two days shows that the Israeli government has no problem acting on their intelligence to defend themselves. When they are threatened, they do something about it, and quickly, too!

Si it is no surprise that the United States reaction so far as Israel bombs Syria is slow and cautious. Barack Obama is all about being slow and cautious. He may even believe Syrian State TV that Israel launched airstrikes on a scientific research center. For my money, I believe Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli version that they struck a shipment of long-range rockets and missiles which Bashar Assad intended to give to terrorists groups Hamas and Hexbollah. That the Assad regime is trying to stir the pot in destabilizing the Middle East in order to have a free hand in dealing with rebels inside his own country.