Houston, Texas is the scene for the NRA Convention 2013 as Second Amendment supporters celebrate the defeat of Barack Obama′s gun control attempt. The National Rifle Association event began on Thursday and ends Sunday with an impressive list of speakers. Texas Governor Rick Perry, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and even talk radio stars like ′The Great One′, Mark Levin and our old pal Glenn Beck praised the NRA and real Americans for protecting our gun rights. Meanwhile, our nation′s first anti-president, Barack Hussein Obama, was in Mexico apologizing for that country being flooded with American-made firearms. Forgetting about the Obama administration′s own hand in providing weapons to drug cartels through ′Fast and Furious′, one could argue that most of the guns were made in China, such as semi-auto versions of the AK-47.

nra convention 2013
Glenn Beck is just one of the many patriots speaking this weekend at the NRA Convention 2013 in Houston, Texas. Image Source: NRA website.

The defeat of the Obama gun control legislation in the U.S. Senate may well mark the end of his administration. A good deal of political capital was expended for nothing as even some Democrats got cold feet and voted against the agenda. Despite a nearly continuous barrage of anti-gun propaganda streaming from the Far-Left Media, the tide was turned as citizens stood their ground in support of their God-given right to defend themselves.

Once again, evil has been stopped cold in its tracks as the NRA Convention 2013 does a victory lap for stopping the Barack Obama gun grab agenda. Kudos to the National Rifle Association for rallying the American people in defense of the Second Amendment! The 4-day event in Houston, Texas features many of our favorite politicians and personalities. From Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Sarah Palin to Mark Levin and Glenn Beck, we can all sleep better tonight knowing that our rights are still safe, for the moment. But, as always when dealing with evil, we must be vigilant for enemies of freedom never rest.