Was there cannibalism at Jamestown during the winter of 1609 through 1610? A new study from the Smithsonian Institute and the Jamestown Rediscovery Project thinks so. Skeletal remains of a 14-year old girl found at James Fort, known as Jane Jamestown, namely her skull, shows possible signs of being a victim during the ′starving time′. The colony′s leader, George Percy, as well as John Smith, both made note of at least one possible act of cannibalism that winter. James Horn, president of Colonial Williamsburg, agrees that things did get very desperate that winter. Douglas Owsley of the Smithsonian Institute and William Kelso of the Jamestown Rediscovery Project believe that damage to Jane′s skull indicates a fatal knife wound. But other researchers claim that the evidence can also be interpreted as signs of malnutrition and disease.

Cannibalism at Jamestown

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But, history and fate are cruel masters, which is why there might have been cannibalism at Jamestown during the ′Starving Time′ of the winter of 1609-1610. Douglas Owsley of the Smithsonian Institute and William Kelso of the Jamestown Rediscovery Project seem to think that the skeletal remains of ′Jane Jamestown′ found at James Fort, thought to be a 14-year old girl, shows signs of cannibalism. Two leaders of the colony, George Percy and John Smith, did write about at least possible act of cannibalism that winter. Even James Horn of Colonial Williamsburg agrees that things were very desperate that winter. So was there cannibalism at Jamestown or does the evidence just prove that there was plenty of malnutrition and disease instead? If only they had some Obama food stamps!