It is May 1st, May Day 2013, a high-holy day for Socialists worldwide. So how will Barack Obama celebrate this holiday? Call for more taxes? Defend late-term abortions? Give more money to Islamic Fascists? Who can say? But last night, Dr. Michael Savage had a very interesting radio show on how we are still living in the shadows of the Vietnam War. How the current Establishment is now made up mostly of anti-war, pro-Communist supporters and radicals, including Barack Hussein Obama. Savage went down this road due to a new film documentary by Michael Jorgensen entitled ′Unclaimed′. It is the true story of a Green Beret, John Robertson, who was reportedly killed when his helicopter was shot down over Laos in 1968. But Robertson was captured alive and held in captivity for many years. Tortured and beaten, his body and mind broken, Robertson was essentially dumped in the jungle well after the war ended. A local Vietnamese woman found him and nursed him back to health and eventually married him. Now known as Hugh Tran, the 76-year old man has chosen to remain in Vietnam with his new family despite still having one here.

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So Michael Savaged opened his phone lines to his radio talk show to Vietnam veterans, seeking to learn their opinions of the state of America these days. The results were obvious. The general contention is that America is on the brink of becoming a truly Socialist nation, if it hasn′t happened already. Most of the vets calling in described themselves as Conservatives, though some were more specific. One gentleman said he was a ′disgusted Republican.′ A sentiment many of us share. Savage ponders about how Obama is politically closer to Ho Chi Minh than George Washington.

Perhaps the most important question asked by Savage last night was is Obama the last chapter of the Vietnam Experience? Or is he a harbinger of even more Socialism? Dooming America forever as we slide down the drainpipe of history. Is this how Barack Obama will celebrate May Day 2013? Will America ever recover from the Vietnam War? Are there more MIAs still alive as the documentary ′Unclaimed′ proves in the case of Green Beret John Robertson?