Paul Kevin Curtis, the Ricin suspect, was released and the federal government has cleared him of all charges. The Mississippi Elvis impersonator and reflexology expert was arrested last week in connection with several letters mailed to public officials, including Barack Obama and Senator Roger Wicker, allegedly containing a form of ricin powder. FBI agent Brandon Grant testified in court that a search of Curtis′ home resulted in no traces of ricin being found, nor any chemicals or other materials needed to make the deadly poison. Curtis was pleased that the judge ordered his release and promised free foot massages for his attorney, Christi McCoy. The Justice Department claims that the investigation into the ricin mailings continues and that another suspect from Mississippi is being vetted.

ricin suspect released
The Ricin suspect was released and cleared of all charges. Image Source:

Curtis, 45, says that he does not even eat rice, which goes to show just how innocent he is. Ricin is made from castor beans, not rice. He is also claiming that he was being framed by a man who has lost some elections and was charged with child molestation recently. I will refrain from publicizing this new suspect′s name since it is entirely possible that he, too, is not the real ricin mailer.

This case smacks very similarly to that of the anthrax letter case following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. That case was never solved, mainly due to the federal government focusing most of their attention on one man but failed to obtain sufficient evidence to file charges. In both cases, the materials mailed, ricin and anthrax, may have been relatively easy to produce in a make-shift lab, but ′weaponizing′ such is very difficult. Whoever did do the anthrax attacks knew a good deal as several people were made ill and one died from contact. There has not been any word yet as to the purity and potency of the ricin powder found in these new letters.

So the ricin suspect released yesterday, Paul Kevin Curtis, is a happy man, as is his lawyer, Christi McCoy. Her client, an Elvis impersonator, has promised her foot massages for her efforts to free him. Meanwhile, FBI agent Brandon Grant may have some explaining to do as it appears that the Feds jumped the gun in making a fast arrest. The ricin mail attacks, which targeted several public officials including Barack Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker, continues with one suspect being investigated. We shall wait and see how that one pans out before declaring the case closed.