Here is the latest news on Boston bombing suspect Dvhokhar Tsarnaev and his medical condition. According to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, Tsarnaev is now awake and able to communicate in writing. However, he is still considered unfit for any interrogation and is still listed as being in ′serious but stable condition.′ There is also some speculation now that Tsarnaev′s throat wound may have been self-inflicted, perhaps an attempt to commit suicide to avoid being captured. Federal prosecutors have yet to file any official charges and the issue of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect being classified as an ′enemy combatant′ is still being considered. Justice Department officials do claim that even if Tsarnaev is classified as such, he will still face the usual legal system and be tried in Federal courts as opposed to military courts.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

More information is beginning to surface concerning Dvhokhar′s older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The Boston Globe reports that he caused trouble at a local mosque which he had been attending for about a year. In one incident, he publicly objected to the mosque being closed on Martin Luther King Day earlier this year. When one compared King to the Prophet Muhammad, Tamerlan denounced the man as being a ″kafir″, a non-believer. Tamerlan made similar outbursts at the mosque in November of 2012, chiding the congregation for not being true believers. After his last outburst, Tamerlan was reportedly thrown out of the mosque.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Dzhokhar attended the mosque run by the Islamic Society of Boston, ISB, in Cambridge, which has a history of radicalism. The mosque received assistance in public funding from the Boston Redevelopment Authority in 2000 for its cultural center in Roxbury. On April 6, the ISB facility in Cambridge had a book signing for British journalist Victoria Brittain who claims that the United States and UK are engaged in a ″war against Islam.″ One trustee for the ISB has written about how Jews would be punished. Another trustee gave in speech in 1995 on how Islam would conquer Europe and America. Of course, both of the ISB mosques has denounced terrorism and has been closed since Friday.

The news for the time being, Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev′s medical condition prevents him from being interrogated by authorities. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis reports that Tsarnaev is responsive and can write messages. He remains in serious, but stable condition. Dvhokhar still cannot talk due to a gunshot wound to his throat which some believe may have been self-inflicted. He has yet to be charged and prosecutors are still considering whether or not to classify Dvhokhar as an enemy combatant.