The Boston bombing suspect family say their children are being framed is just one of the Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theories that have emerged this week. Anzor and Zubeidat Tsarnaeva are the father and mother of bombing suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. They are not alone as Alex Jones and his pals at Prison-Planet/Info-Wars are also knee-deep in the frame-up theory. One of their ′citizen journalists′ made quite a spectacle of himself at the police press conferences Monday and Wednesday raising the issue of the Boston bombings being ′False Flag′ operations. Of course, my personal favorite conspiracy theory is one that I am starting about how Columbia University in New York City has already offered Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a job teaching International Studies if he ever gets out of prison.

boston bombing conspiacy theories

Yes, there has been quite a bit of Tom-Foolery going on the past week. Pictures allegedly showing guys wearing Navy SEAL caps in the crowd, presumably planting bombs have been posted by 9/11 Truther types. I’m still waiting for David Icke to blame shape-shifting reptilian space aliens, if he hasn′t already! Perhaps Jesse Ventura will claim that the whole thing was an illusion created by psych-war psychics using the Montauk Chair?

However, there has been a real, genuine conspiracy which is not a theory concerning the Boston Marathon bombing, perpetrated by our very own Liberal News Media! Hardly a few minutes elapsed after the explosions at Copley Square before a parade of Liberal news anchors, Democrat pundits and politicians began trying to blame Far-Right extremists. Since the blast was on ′Patriot Day′, it must have been done by Tea Party members. Or since it was Tax Day, it had to be those kooky Ron Paul Libertarians who oppose the income tax and the Federal Reserve. Or perhaps White Supremacists celebrating, a few days early, the Oklahoma City bombings and the Waco showdown. Of course, we all know that the bombings are the fault of the GOP and the sequester. Just imagine what would have happened had Romney been elected and there were tax cuts for the rich!

MSNBC, CNN,, and the rest of the Media all lined up for a slice of the Far-Right conspiracy cake. They were all praying for the bomber(s) to be angry, bitter White Americans with blond hair and blue-eyes, clinging to their guns and Bibles. Even after it became clear that this was total nonsense, the Media continued in its lunacy. NBC and CNN were all aghast as to how Barack Obama could regain control of the narrative? How could the White House get back in the spotlight and take the lead? The Media were obviously getting tired of seeing old, overweight White males, the police chiefs, getting all of the attention and glory.

I know, I should just be watching Fox News all of the time and simply ignore the rest of the Media. But even I need a break sometimes. I often feel that if I see one more Joe Theismann commercial for Super-Beta Prostrate pills, I will ″develop an uncontrollable urge″ to stick my head in an oven! I′d rather see another Goldline commercial. Seriously! I don′t mind seeing gold coins and bars everyday. But I only take so many commercials about disposable catheters before they become a turn-off.

So the Liberal Media leads the way when it comes to Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theories. No, they are not promoting frame-ups like the Boston bombing suspect family are suggesting. Nor false flag operations like Alex Jones at Prison-Planet and Info-Wars is doing. But they are fixated on how the whole terrorist attack will affect Barack Obama and his White House administration. The Media believe that the public should be focused on Obama 24-7. Obama the Great, Obama the Wise, Obama the Holy. All Obama, All the Time. You can never get enough of Barack Hussein Obama! That is truly a conspiracy theory!