The U.S. Senate background bill failed to secure the needed 60 votes to prevent a filibuster yesterday, defeating the entire Obama gun-grab-control agenda. Obama appeared after the vote in the White House Rose Garden with Gabrielle Giffords and some of the parents of the Newtown shooting victims to scold the senators. Even Harry Reid changed his vote to a NO on the proposal submitted by Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) which would have tightened restrictions on private gun sales. The vote is seen as a victory for the Second Amendment, as well as for advocates of the National Rifle Association. Even Obama has been forced to admit that the current legislation would probably do nothing to stop another mass shooting as that which took place last December at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

senate background bill

About 170 years ago, French writer Alexander de Tocqueville warned America about passing laws based on emotion. That such would imperil the concept of democracy and liberty. But Obama is all about playing on emotion and fear to get his way. Well, thankfully it backfired on him this time. He expended much of his dwindling supply of political capital on gun control, an issue that a recent Gallup Poll shows only 4% of the country cares about. Obama claims that the Senate vote was shameful, but it is Obama who is the shameful one here!

In his speech yesterday, Obama railed against those who voted against the bill, calling upon voters to change the make up of the House and Senate. But the truth, something Obama avoids, is that had gun control been such a genuine issue, why did Obama not campaign on it last November? Was not the Aurora movie theater shooting sufficient grounds for Obama to act? The answer, for those of us who reside with Rush Limbaugh in ′REALITYVILLE, USA′, is that had Obama made gun control a campaign issue, he most likely would have lost the election. It probably would have rallied many of the some 4 million voters who voted for John McCain in 2008 but sat at home in 2012 refusing to put Mr. State-controlled Healthcare, Mitt Romney, into the White House. Gun control may have even played a more prominent role during the Republican primaries as Romney is not all that far from Obama on that issue.

Naturally, the Far-Left Loon Media has gone insane. The folks at MSNBC′s ″Morning Schmoe″ were all aghast that Obama lost the gun debate. Even Schmoe Scarborough complained about HIS party, the RINO-wing of the GOP for not going along with John McCain, Pat Toomey, Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Susan Collins (R-ME), all of whom joined with the 50 Democrat senators to support the bill. Four Democrats voted against the bill initially, Max Baucus (MT), Mark Begich (AK) and Mark Pryor (AR), all up for reelection in 2014, as well as Heidi Heitkamp who is up in 2016 for reelection in North Dakota. Harry Reid switched his vote at the end to No for procedural reasons, allowing him to bring the bill up again later.

I have to say I enjoyed watching the Moonbats on ′Morning Joe′ today wring their hands and show their utter ignorance of the way the world really works. The defeat of the Senate background bill, as well as several other amendments tightening gun ownership laws clearly shows that the magic of Barack Obama is long gone. Obama′s speech at the White House with props like Gabrielle Giffords and Newtown parents serves as an example of poor leadership. America does not care about the Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey bill. The country wants Washington to focus on the economy and jobs. These side issues, like gun control and immigration are mere distractions and demonstrate the reality that Harry Reid and most politicians of his ilk are failures. The Nationa Rifle Association, a true representative of The People and defender of liberty has emerged triumphant at this latest attempt to assault our Constitution and the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. If a government can legislate background checks for being able to protect oneself, what is next? Background checks for buying books? For choosing which religion to join? How about for having children? There is no limit to the hunger for power in Washington.