The Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher funeral was held today at Great Britain′s St Paul Cathedral. Big Ben was silent as the procession took the former Prime Minister from the Palace of Westminster to the Church of St. Clement Danes, where, after a brief religious ceremony, was placed on a horse-drawn gun carriage for the final leg to St. Paul. Not since Winston Churchill has there been such a ceremony for a non-royal. Speaking of which, The Queen and Prince Phillip attended the services along with David Cameron and other British notables. The streets were packed with mostly well wishers, but a few protesters jeered and some throw objects at the horses in a sign of disrespect. The Welsh Guards, who played a large role during the Falklands Islands campaign, featured prominently during the affair.

margaret thatcher funeral

One of the benefits of being a pain-racked cripple is that my physical agony often awakens me well before 4am. Which worked out well today since it enabled me to watch the whole proceedings on C-SPAN 2. My favorite part, aside from seeing the lovely granddaughter, Amanda Thatcher, read from Ephesians about wearing the ′Armor of God′, was the sermon from the Bishop of London, the Right Reverend Richard Chartres. He began with two anecdotes which provided us with insights into the life of Margaret Thatcher.

The first was about how a 9-year old boy had once written her asking if his father was correct that Jesus Christ was the only one who never made any mistakes? The young lad was convinced that Mrs. Thatcher also never made any! But she wrote back and assured the child that his father was quite correct. The other story was a personal one for the Bishop who was seated next to Lady Thatcher at some luncheon. As she spoke to her guests about the influence of Hayek in her life, she suddenly stopped and grabbed the Bishop′s wrist, warning him not to eat the duck pate as it was very fattening! The good Bishop then went on to talk about the cornerstone of Thatcherism, ″There is no such thing as a society. There are individual men and women and there are families.″

So the Margaret Thatcher funeral ended as the military bearers placed her casket into a hearse. She was driven to Chelsea Hospital for a private cremation ceremony. The whole event lasted about two and a half hours and went smoothly like clockwork. A dignified and proper farewell as only the British can do. C-SPAN will rebroadcast the event on Sunday night at 9pm Eastern.