Renowned astrophysicist from Cambridge University, Stephen Hawkings, says that the Earth is doomed unless humanity engages in more space exploration. Hawkings commented on humaity′s fate during a visit to the Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Regenerative Medicine Institute this past Tuesday. The facility has been making progress in developing a stem cell therapy that may one day cure Lou Gehrig′s disease. Prof. Hawkings has the disease, also known as ALS and was invited by the program′s team leader, Dr. Robert Baloh. Concerning the future of Mankind, Hawkings said, ″We must continue to go into space for humanity. We won′t survive another 1,000 years without escaping our fragile planet.″ Do you agree?

hawkings earth doomed

I agree, in part, but perhaps in a inverted fashion. I disagree with Prof. Hawkings that the Earth is fragile. On the other hand, human civilization is indeed very fragile. Spreading our seeds throughout space is the only way to insure that humanity will carry on long into the distant future.

Of course, had Hawkings said that America is doomed because of Barack Hussein Obama, I would agree wholeheartedly. Without liberty and capitalism, which Obama opposes, Mankind would revert to caveman days as civilization crashes into a smoldering wreck. A mass culling would occur, depopulating humanity by 90% or more if Obama had his way.

So Stephen Hawkings saying the Earth is doomed might be correct. If we did engage in a more active approach to space exploration, humans could escape the planet before Obama brings about a new era of tyranny and chaos. Timothy Leary put it best back when he wrote an essay for Gerald O′Neil′s book, ″Living In Space.″ Leary envisioned that one day, the driving impetus for the colonization of space would be from those seeking economic, and probably religious freedom. The cruel reality of government is its never-ending desire to accumulate more power over its citizens. When our options on Earth have run out as to where to find such freedoms, then our only alternative will be to leave the planet and establish a new and better society someplace else.