Things are heating up on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea prepares its rockets and says a ′state of war′ now exists with South Korea. Kim Jong Un is even threatening the United States, saying its time to ′settle old scores.′ Photos of Kim the Younger reviewing targeting maps of U.S. cities as well as the State of Hawaii have been released by the North′s state-run media. In response, two B-2 Spirit stealth bombers participated in a joint military exercise, dropping inert ′bombs′ on a South Korean island after a long flight from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Not everyone is happy about the situation. Russia is warning the U.S. that things could get out of hand very quickly.

north korea rockets

But, what else can one expect when our nation is run by a semi-present man-child? As a state legislator in Illinois, Barack Obama spent most of his time doing nothing other than vote ′present.′ After allowing our consulate and CIA station in Benghazi to be overrun by terrorists last September 11, who would consider Obama a leader?

Certainly not bad guys like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran or North Korea. Even the Chinese are having a field day launching endless cyber attacks against the United States since Obama is such a weak sister. No, the world is getting ready to eat us for breakfast since they know they can get away with it.

Tensions are mounting on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea preps its rockets to attack the United States. Now, in addition to that North Korea says they are at a state of war with South Korea. The situation is getting worse by the day as Kim Jung Un continues to make his threats. There is little doubt that if war does come, we have the firepower to beat them. Our flying two B-2 Spirit stealth bombers over South Korea this week proves that we have the capability. But what happens if things do spin out of control? How many thousands, or millions, will die because of Barack Obama and his flawed foreign policy?