Barack Obama, America′s first Anti-President, once again used the parents of murder victims from the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut to serve him as props and human shields. Pitching his call on Congress to vote on new gun control legislation, Obama declared, ′shame on us′, if the attempt to water-down the Second Amendment is not passed. Well, I have something to say to you, Barack Obama…, SHAME ON YOU for not enforcing current federal gun laws in America′s most violent cities!

obama shame on us

While we are at it, shame on you, Barack Hussein Obama, for forgetting about the terrorist attack on our people in Benghazi, Libya, whom you, yourself, put there in harm′s way! Shame on you, Obama, for still not telling us, your employers, just what you were doing during the 7-8 hours of the Benghazi attack! Were you sleeping? Were you resting up for your big day of fund raising in Las Vegas? Were you too busy watching a Jim Carrey movie to be concerned that one of our ambassadors was missing for nearly a dozen hours? Were you asleep in your cozy bed, or drunk or stoned while Chris Stevens was dragged through the streets of Benghazi, being beaten and sodomized?

Shame on you, Obama, for adding more than $6 Trillion dollars of debt on the American people! Shame on you, Obama, for lying to us for the past four years about your stupid healthcare plan! The best your lapdogs can come up with is that somehow you saved $2.6 Billion dollars on healthcare costs, which amount to less than 0.1% of the healthcare industry! Even your own Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, now admits that ObamaCare is going to raise the cost of health care. States like California and Ohio will see an increase of 60-80% in costs to the America people. The national average will be a 32% increase! Shame on you, Obama, for spewing lie upon lies!

I could go on. There is plenty to shame Obama about. Fast and Furious. The recent release of 2,000-plus illegal immigrants. His lack of response during the BP oil spill. His lack of response to the Hurricane Sandy victims who are still suffering. The list is mighty long and keeps getting longer by the day.

If you want to shame anybody, Barack Obama, how about Sen, Harry Reid, who wants to avoid any potential political backlash resulting from any new gun control legislation. Not that the proposed laws would do anything to prevent another Sandy Hook school shooting like that from Newtown, Connecticut last year. Obama won′t even use the federal gun laws we have now to quell the reign of violence in cities like Chicago. Fortunately, for Obama, the Low Information Voters who elected him are more concerned these days about Kim Kardashian wanting to name her unborn child Khrist.