On today’s Rush Limbaugh radio program, he decided to insert himself into the same sex marriage debate that the Supreme Court is currently considering. This makes sense since Rush knows that, if gay marriage is legalized everywhere in the nation, people are unlikely to hold their marriage vows as sacred as they do now.

In his words, “Folks, the bottom line is that all of this is academic. This is going to happen. Whether it happens now at the Supreme Court or somehow later, it is going to happen. It’s just the direction the culture is heading,. There is hardly any opposition to this. The opposition that you would suspect exists is in the process of crumbling on it. There is a gay mafia that has inflicted the fear of death, political death in the Republican Party, for example. There’s a lot of money. They donate most of it to the Democrats, but the societal peer pressure on this is immense.”

Rush continued, “You know that there are people who would marry their pet if they could. I mean, they leave their estates to them. They are just engaging in behavior. So it is a can of worms that gets opened up, but none of that matters,”

Once again, Rushbo has hit the nail directly on its head. Leaving money in your will to ensure that your pets are cared for obviously shows that you intend to marry them. Why else would you do so?

It’s difficult for Rushie to accept that many people don’t hold marriage in the high regard that he does. Forget all of the rumors about his own proclivities. Forget the rumor that he wed his third wife after meeting her the previous week.

Even looking at the more general condition, it seems like the only people clamoring to get married are gays and lesbians. Most of the young straight couples that I know are pretty happy to merely live together until they tire or grows bored with each other. So, if we can just keep the same sex couples from getting married, then we can greatly reduce staffing in marriage license bureaus.