Florida Atlantic University has issued a Jesus stomping apology to Ryan Rotela, the student who refused to stomp on the name of Jesus Christ. Governor Rick Scott has ordered an investigation into the matter which was started by Professor Deandre Poole, who is also the Vice Chair for the Democrat Party in West Palm Beach. Prof. Poole teaches a course in Intercultural Communications at FAU′s Boca Raton campus. The exercise was from a textbook, ″Intercultural Communications: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition″, which had students write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper, then place it on the ground and stomp on it with your feet. Somehow, this act is suppose to encourage discourse and add knowledge. All it really demonstrates is how fouled up our education system is!

jesus stomping apology
Professor Deandre Poole may find himself in hot water after Florida Atlantic University issued a Jesus stomping apology. Image Source: FAU website.

Prof. Poole is your classic Liberal Democrat. Not only is he authoring a book, ″Obamamania: The Rise of a Mythical Hero″, but is proving to the world just how intolerant modern Liberals are. Why not stomp on the name Mohammed? Or how about a photo of Barack Obama? No, Prof. Poole went after Christianity, since it is fair game for the Liberal elitists.

We have seen a growing trend across America of anti-Christian activity. Holidays like Christmas and Easter are easy targets for Liberals to attack. Just believing in God automatically makes you an ignorant hayseed in their minds. Modern Liberals, or ′Progressives′, are out to destroy any notion of values and morals. They would prefer a purely secular world. A God-less planet for them to corrupt and exploit under the boot-heel of Socialism.

While the Florida Atlantic University Jesus stomping apology to Ryan Rotela is a step, pardon the pun, in the right direction, what will become of Professor Deandre Poole? Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for an investigation into the incident which happened at FAU′s Boca Raton campus. As for Prof. Poole holding his position as Vice Chair of the West Palm Beach Democrat Party, well, we already saw last summer at the Democrat National Convention just how much the DNC cares about religion. Thank you, once again, you Low Information Voters for giving these bums any political power at all.