The Clintons are famous for running some of the more disgusting political campaigns in recent times, usually through their surrogates, so that their own hands don’t get dirty. This morning, on Daily Rundown, one of her surrogates was a guest, Sean Patrick Maloney, a gay Congressman from New York. Ostensibly on the program to discuss the gay marriage Supreme Court case, he managed a dig against Hillary Clinton’s chief opponent for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Maloney has been a Clinton acolyte since the 1990’s, when he served in Bill Cli9nton’s administration. when asked about Cuomo’s gun control bill in New York, he replied, “…I disagree with the Governor on some of the more extreme parts, er aggressive parts, of the state law.”

In 2007, one of her aides, Mark Penn, alluded to Obama’s cocaine use when her opponent admitted to using drugs. In 2008, Bill Clinton, who believed that his position as the first black president was being usurped by Obama, was angry that black voters were siding with the Clinton’s opponent, because of race. In 1996, Clinton’s team leaked to their media apostles that Bob Dole had had an affair, which was something that Clinton would never do.

The Clintons have shown themselves to be bereft of any semblance of honor or morality during their political lives. Luckily for them, their allies don’t care what they say or do. It’s obvious that they don’t plan to change their tactics now, while the elderly Hillary plans her next presidential campaign.