Some might argue that Jim Carrey has always been a tad crazy. That, after all, is an element of his genius.

But, really, what in the world is he thinking with this latest attack on the majority of Americans? For the past week or so he’s been in the news because of statements and tweets made regarding “heartless gun owners.” A recent tweet even stated that “[Anyone] who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting.”

Perhaps Carrey is advocating violence against gun owners? Who knows!

But Carrey is a guy who built his career from nothing, making it in Hollywood with raw talent, having had nothing handed to him. In doing so, he built up a base of very loyal fans all over the country. Which is why it’s ironic that, the very same people whom he now mocks and derides, are the ones who helped make him the star he is today. And Carrey’s new video, Cold Dead Hand, could mean the death of his career.

It’s not just that Carrey so blindly lashes out at those who are in no way the problem. Nor is it that Carrey literally flips the bird at the 100 million or so fans who are fans of the 2nd Amendment and were once (and perhaps remain) Carrey fans as well. The real issue is that Carrey has chosen to believe utterly and ignorantly arguments coming from politicians who decided they would exploit tragedy in order to pander to their base. They knew that nothing would come of their efforts to introduce new federal gun control regulation. They knew also that the data does not even support their position. Finally, they knew that much of their efforts would not even address the real problem, which is what happens when mentally unstable individuals get hold of firearms.

If Democrats had chosen to introduce new legislation that would somehow have made it harder for mentally unstable individuals to obtain firearms, there would have been no problems. If you think about every major murderous massacre in this country, with or without the involvement of firearms, you will see a near-univeral thread. All of those massacres came at the hands of mentally unstable individuals. And while there were some measures in the legislation that were aimed at this worthy goal, it was not the main intent.

The fact is, gun ownership has been on a steady decline over the past 50 or so years. In recent decades we’ve seen a steady decline both in gun violence and crime in general. Our society is moving in the right direction. At the same time, states with fewer gun laws and regulations generally have lower crime rates. The state of Illinois, which has the strictest laws in the nation, also has one of the worst crime rates. That said, correlation does not equal causation. Just because this trend is generally true does not mean that one causes the other. What it does say is that restricting gun ownership does not necessarily result in a safer, better community. But I digress.

Will Mr. Carrey come to his senses and apologize for his over-the-top rants? I doubt it.

Will Americans punish Mr. Carrey by choosing not to go see his movies? I doubt that too.

What is beyond doubt, however, is that Mr. Carrey has shown himself to be far less thoughtful and intelligent than the vast majority of Americans who have chosen to purchase firearms; even including so-called “assault weapons.” I think it’s that very ignorance which will keep him from understanding this mistake and, ultimately, owning up to it.