The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate passes a budget for Fiscal Year 2014 early Saturday morning. Led by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), the proposed spending bill puts the federal budget at $3.7 Trillion dollars and includes some $1 Trillion dollars in new taxes. Yet, the budget, the first the Senate has passed in 4 years, will at best reduce budget deficits by only some $1.85 Trillion over the next ten years. Given that the vote was along party lines, with four Democrats joining all Republicans voting against it, making it a 50-49 vote, there is little chance that it will succeed getting through the House. There, the Republican-controlled House has also passed, along party lines, the latest Paul Ryan budget which proposes reducing budget deficits by some $4 Trillion over the next ten years. But are either bills what America really needs?

senate passes budget

Barack Obama, the Democrats and now even John Boehner, do not think that our $16.7 Trillion dollar National Debt is ″an immediate problem.″ Obama and the Democrats do not even believe that Washington has a spending problem! If anything, they want to spend more! Just take for example how the head of the DNC, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz thinks that the prices at the House restaurant are too high! That Congressional staff, many who earn between $60,000 to $160,000, cannot afford to pay $7 for a meal. That the taxpayers must subsidize these meals.

Before you go crying any crocodile tears for the poor, hapless Congressional workers, most public school lunches cost between $1.25 to $2.25 each. Or perhaps we should consider how Joe Biden blew threw a million dollars during a two-day goodwill trip to Paris, France and London, England? While Middle Class families across America tighten their belts to survive the Obama economy, Barack Obama and the whole Washington political establishment are living like the nobility of old.

Does anybody really think that these budget proposals will actually reduce the increases to the National Debt over the next years? In the private sector, companies can barely plan for what they will be doing for the next six months! Real long-term planning might extend such to 2 or 3 years at best, say, for the building of a new factory or developing a new product line. Beyond that is pure speculation.

So I caution you that before you celebrate how the Senate passes a budget for the first time in four years, about the only thing you can count on happening is that your taxes will increase and the National Debt will grow. Patty Murray and Paul Ryan might think that they have accomplished something, but the grim truth is that they have not. Pray for America, or whats left of it, which is not much!