Bob Beckel, the Liberal-Democrat co-host of the Fox News Channel talk show ′The Five′, is demanding an apology from CBS! On Wednesday, fellow ′Five′ co-host, Greg Gutfeld, vented about how last Sunday′s episode of ′The Amazing Race′ featured contestants in Hanoi, Vietnam. The reality game show has pairs of contestants traveling the globe, performing tasks to obtain clues to advance further in the game. In Hanoi, they were tasked to memorize and recite a Vietnamese ′patriotic′ song, glorifying Communism. One of the special clues led players to a war memorial, consisting of the remains of a B-52 bomber which had been shot down, killing two of the American crewmen and the rest were captured, beaten and tortured in the infamous ′Hanoi Hilton′ POW camp. Several efforts by Beckel to obtain a comment from CBS executive Les Moonves or the show′s head producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, have so far failed to receive a response.

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This is an ′Open Thread′, which means you may comment on any subject you wish. Many of you may be more interested in that today marks the third anniversary of ObamaCare. Or that the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate actually passed their first federal budget proposal in four years early this morning. But I find this story about Beckel defending our Vietnam veterans far more valuable.

I have said before that Bob Beckel is my favorite Liberal. He is simply a classic, old-fashioned Liberal! What else can one say about a guy who once passed out drunk under the Christmas tree at the White House when he was Jimmy Carter′s Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. Or how he has forgotten which bank deposit box he once stashed $20,000 in cash along with a kilogram of high-grade, powdered cocaine! Not t mention his womanizing ways which is still apparent as he constantly flirts and teases the shapely Kimberly Guilfoyle, another ′Five′ co-host.

Beckel acknowledges that he opposed the War in Vietnam, but this does not mean that he disrespects our military veterans. Unlike many of the New Left, Bob can draw a line between ideology and common sense. He has been sober and drug-free for many years, now, and while we can disagree on most political issues with him, at least Beckel understands that our veterans are owed our due respect for their service to our nation.

So hats off to the Fox News Channel ′The Five′ co-host, Bob Beckel, for his new mission on getting CBS to admit to their foolishness concerning last week′s episode of ′The Amazing Race.′ Bob even has his own Twitter hash-tag, #cbsapologize, as he wages a campaign in support of our Vietnam veterans. Les Moonves and Jerry Bruckheimer should feel ashamed for the episode last Sunday where contestants were in Hanoi, Vietnam. Not only is Bob Beckel a Liberal we can admire, to a degree, but he is also one lucky guy, sitting next to Kimberly Guilfoyle or Andrea Tantaros.