Barack Obama was heckled by an Israeli student while giving a speech in Jerusalem. Appearing before some 600 college students at the International Convention Center yesterday morning, Obama was delivering a Saul Alinsky style speech about pressuring political leaders for change. According to the New York Times, a 24 year old man, Rabiyah Aid, did not shout out a remark about Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted in 1986 on espionage charges for selling US secrets to Israel, as other news services initially reported. Speaking in Hebrew, Aid allegedly began asking Obama if his visit was ″to give Israel more weapons to kill the Palestinian people with?″ He was removed by security after Obama made light of the distraction saying, ″We actually arranged for that because it made me feel at home. I wouldn′t feel comfortable if I didn′t have at least one heckler.″

obama heckled

So far, the Obama trip to Israel has been a joke. The charm offensive, designed to show support for Israel, has backfired and become embarrassing. Aside from the fuel mix up as I wrote about yesterday, resulting in the Obama limo being towed away, other gaffs have happened. During a joint press conference with the head of Palestine, Obama appeared under a huge banner, standing below an image of Yasser Arafat. A known terrorist who ordered hundreds of deaths, including many Americans, and later milking hundreds of millions of dollars in relief money for his own enrichment. Oddly enough, in 2009, the Obama advance team forced the University of Georgetown, a Catholic institution, to cover up images of Jesus Christ, including a large crucifix, before Obama would speak there. So a known terrorist, Arafat is okay to Obama but Jesus Christ is not!

So Barack Obama heckled in Israel by a student in Jerusalem was not about Jonathan Pollard. Some would say, ′Big deal!″ Today, Obama will visit Bethlehem, presumably to see the manger he was born in. How wonderful is that? The only good thing about Obama being out of the country is that he is out of the country!