You know things are bad when you see the Obama limo towed away because somebody in the Secret Service apparently put diesel in the fuel tank instead of gasoline. Barack Obama arrived in Israel yesterday, met by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Ben Gurion Airport outside of Tel Aviv. Edwin Donovan, spokesman for the Secret Service, said, ″We experienced mechanical trouble with one of the cars.″ The car in question was Obama′s limo, known as ′The Beast′, probably because of how similar he looks like Satan.

obama limo towed

The trip to Israel is getting mixed reviews. Things started of badly when an Israeli welcome video created a Jib-Jab-like cartoon of Obama and Netanyahu acting like best friends, set to the theme song of ′The Golden Girls.′ If that were not bad enough, Hamas rebels decided to launch some rockets from Gaza into Israel.

There certainly seems to be plenty of issues lately between Obama and the Secret Service. You may recall the hooker scandal last year. Just last week, Obama threw the Secret Service under the bus, blaming them for suspending the White House tours. Now the foul-up with fuels for Obama′s ride. It makes one wonder what will be next?

Seeing the Obama limo towed away just goes to show how far America has fallen since Barack Obama took office. The Obama Israel trip itself comes late in the game. Despite the warm greeting by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Tel Aviv′s Ben Gurion Airport, Obama still chided him about ′red lines′ as they walked the red carpet together. Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan tries to put a friendly face on the fuel mix up as The Beast was towed away. A recent poll in Israel shows Obama only having about a 33% approval rating. Clearly, the Israelis are not impressed with Obama, and why should they be!