Last night, National Geographic aired another new episode of Doomsday Preppers, entitled, ′Gonna Be A Big Bang.′ We are introduced to two prepper families. One in Oklahoma whom have decided to purchase an underground bunker. The other from Kansas which is going the extra mile, 3,000 miles actually, to bug out and hide in Costa Rica. Both groups are concerned about a pending economic collapse in the United States. So how did the panel of experts from NatGeo TV score their preparations? Let us find out!

doomsday preppers gonna be a big bang
Mmm! Yummy! Nothing like fresh melee worms sauteed in butter! I′ll bet even Anthony Bourdain would approve! Image Credit: National Geographic.

Brad and his wife, Krystal, live near Tulsa, Oklahoma with their three children. For the past three years, they have spent about $70,000 stocking up on food, weapons and supplies to survive an economic collapse. Brad sees to it that everyone, including his youngest son, 6 years old, has professional weapons training. But their preps are squeezing them out of room, so their next step is to purchase an underground, steel bunker to store supplies and use to hide in when civilization turns to unrest.

Many sacrifices have been made. No family vacations. Brad quit his pilot lessons. Krystal has decided not to have anymore children. But not everyone in the family agrees with this. Their teenage daughter, Hailey, is not into prepping at all. Krystal knows that she needs to have a long talk with her, probably several. Meanwhile, Brad arranges to spend $50,000 on a 19,000-pound, 10ft by 35ft steel bunker which will be buried in their backyard.

Clyde Scott owns a company in Texas which builds bunkers. He′s a prepper, too, as are all of his employees. Brad brings his family down to check out their new bunker while its on the factory floor. The kids are unhappy that there will be no TV, not even an X-Box! Hailey is disappointed that her cell phone won′t work while inside the steel bunker. Oh, the humanity! Moving the bunker to Oklahoma is no easy task. A chain snaps while it is being loaded onto a transport trailer. Clyde gets hit and the chain fractures his left arm! But after getting a cast, Clyde is undeterred and delivers the bunker on time. The experts score Brad a puny 49, giving he and his family just 4 months of post-collapse survival.

Then we have Kevin who thinks the time to bug out is now! He plans to move his family of five from their suburban Kansas home to Costa Rica. The tropical country is a popular destination for many preppers, as well as retirees, from the USA. Your money goes further and the climate is terrific year round. There are plenty of resources, lots of agriculture and a reasonably friendly, less intrusive government with few laws. Kevin plans to take a large cache of food, a solar panel array, back-up generator and firearms (which require some permits in advance).

Kevin is also preparing his family for the big move. He arranges for a Spanish tutor to teach them the language. He hires an ex-Special Forces operator to drill his children on what to do should they get lost in the forest. Kevin even hires an expert in sustainable living to teach them about alternative food sources. She cooks up some melee worms, sauteed in butter, which everyone, even grandma, loves. Grasshoppers and scorpions, however, are less appealing cuisine. Kevin then gets a lesson in dressing birds, a turkey in this case, which causes his young children to be sad as they watch daddy kill and butcher their next meal.

The big day arrives. Kevin′s mother bids him and his family farewell, though she is looking forward to visiting them in Costa Rica, soon. The experts score Kevin a 60, giving his family 9 months. But an update video shows that they are doing very well in Costa Rica. Their property has several fruit and citrus orchards and the kids love the their new surroundings. Kevin is continuing his own training and has plans for a rain-catch system to take advantage of the 80-inches of freshwater which rains on average every year. So I would say that they are pretty well set and should do very nicely.

So ends another fun episode of Doomsday Preppers. Not sure where there is ′Gonna Be A Big Bang′, unless it is from eating melee worms. Next week, National Geographic will air a ′best-of′ episode, so we′ll see if that is worth while recapping. There was also another new episode of Apocalypse 101 on NatGeo TV last night, but it was pretty lame and not worth bothering with.